Adding CREE Connected Bulb to Philips HUE Bridge

//Adding CREE Connected Bulb to Philips HUE Bridge
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  • Vinay
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    Hi there,

    I am looking to add CREE Connected bulbs to Philips HUE Bridge
    I’ve tried to use the light finder app to ad and the CREE Connected Bulbs flicker briefly but are not added to the Philips HUE Bridge. Please could you help.


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    I have the exact same issue. I’ve had 4 Cree bulbs connected to the hub for months. I tried to connect a few more Cree bulbs but nothing connected like before. I removed the ones I already connected (thought maybe the new bulbs had wifi issues) and tried to reconnect them, but that did not work. Only the Philips Hue bulbs will be discovered.
    I contacted support a couple of times but that was more of a waste of time then success. I believe the firmware update in early September stopped the discovery of 3rd party bulbs.

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    There was apparently a glitch in the bridge firmware that prevented Cree bulbs from working and being added to the hue bridge. Philips is aware of this issue and is working on correcting it, this was their response.

    “If you attempt to add Cree bulbs to the Philips Hue bridge when the latest firmware is implemented, they will not work and be available for control via the Philips Hue ecosystem and applications. The same applies in the situation if you delete previously connected bulbs and then try to reconnect them.

    We are confident that these bulbs and those from third parties, will continue to work as before after we fix the issue and update the firmware.”

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    Can we roll back to a known good firmware version?

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    I just got the Hue and some Cree bulbs … I am thinking the Hue is getting returned if I can’t trust updates. My old home automation system (X10) worked for years with no issues but hue is making my wife angry and me frustrated. If you want to be in the home automation space either be honest that you won’t support other bulbs or do better testing. Glad I still have a week to return the hue.

    Brian Barnett
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    Same problem here. After researching and repeatedly reading that these cree connected bulbs are compatible, I bought a Philips kit for myself, sister, and mother, plus 30 white Cree Connected bulbs, all for Christmas 2016. Only after the fact do I find that the bulbs are not supported due to a “glitch” in the firmware (I call BS). Whoops, no cheap alternatives to Philips bulbs. How convenient for Philips. And although I read where there was supposedly an update to fix the issue released late Oct / early Nov, it problem still exists. My firmware number is higher than the patched version, so apparently the support for 3rd party bulbs encountered another “glitch”, because the crew bulbs still don’t work. And I still have 30 smart bulbs in my closet that I have no use for.

    I’ll give it a little more time, but if the support is the fixed in the near future I’m going to sell off the Philips products and buy one of the competitions products instead. There are several other options, all cheaper than Philips system, and if the third party support is not longer working, Philips doesn’t have an edge over their competition.

    I regret purchasing these products and have been spreading the word as much as possible that Phillips system is overpriced, and that they’re either blatantly dishonest, or simply incompetent. Either way, the results are negative for the consumer.

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    Got the CREE bulbs working after a little research. There was a web posting that essentially you manually add the bulb. Off the top of my head 330248 is the code to manually add a Cree bulb – once done it will either appear as a “Dimmable Bulb” or you need to turn the bulb on and off a few times then it appears. I’d gotten 6 Cree bulbs connected without an issue post firmware update.

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    George was right, I entered the number on the bulb (they are all the same) started the search and then it came up.

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    Worked like magic!

    Brian Barnett
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    I’m having no luck with the 330248 manual code method. Tried just searching, then searching while power cycling. Tried different pause and duration​ cycles. Nothing seems to make any difference.

    Which model bulbs are you guys using? Mine are as follows (on bulb base)

    TCP # CAS11LC
    Model LAS11LC
    2700k 800Lm
    120V 102mA
    No 6-character code whatsoever

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    Just wanted to post in this thread in case anyone needs and update (gotta love the internet).

    I was able to get 8 CREE Connected bulbs to work with my HUE hub following the steps below. The poster that mentioned the serial was correct and the number was correct. The issue, I think, is that the ping time from the CREE bulb is very short. This causes the normal method for connecting a bulb (turn on, then search) to fail in the Hue app. With these bulbs, the opposite method works best (search with serial, then turn on light). I believe that is why users said they had to turn it on 3 or 4 times as that would yield the incorrect timing or timeout of the ping from the bulb and allow the Hue app/hub to catch the correct ping moment.

    After I figured out the ping issue, I was able to get every other bulb connected on the first time, every time.


    1. Turn off light fixture
    2. Place bulb in fixture
    3. Open Hue app
    4. Go to Settings –> Light Setup
    5. Tap (+) icon and then “add serial number”
    6. Enter “330248” and then “OK”. Note: the serial is on the bulb, it appears as “E330248”.
    7. While standing next to light switch that is off, tap “Search” in app.
    8. Now, immediately turn on the light.
    9. Allow search to complete.

    At this point, the bulb will appear is “Dimmable bulb” in the Light Setup of the Hue app. From here you can control is like any other bulb in your Hue app.

    Hope this helps.

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    Thanks BornAwsome, worked for me!

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    Just to keep thread updated, BornAwesome’s instructions are still valid.


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    I can’t get my CREE bulb to connect to the Philips Hue App either. I’ve tried everything all mentioned. I have the same serial number E330248. HELP!! This is very frustrating.

    Charlie Kirkpatrick
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    Just purchased a Cree from Home Depot. After turning it on/off 2, 3 times, which I find is the same w/regular Hue lights, the Hue app recognized it as expected. No code required at all. I couldn’t be happier!

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