Lights turning on/off by themselves

//Lights turning on/off by themselves
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  • Stacey
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    Not sure if anyone is still having this issue. It just cropped up for me and I thought I would share my resolution. I have a lot of smart home products on addition to hue. At first I thought it was my harmony remote causing my lights to shut off. Realized it was my smart things hub. Somehow the presence sensorry was detecting my phone and shutting off the lights. I unchecked the lights in the smart things app and this solved the problem.

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    I added Philips hue white bulb to my existing system and installed it in a different room, my problem is that when I close the door of this room and the room become dark, this light turned on by itself without touching my iphone , even when I turned it on once again with hue app while the room is dark it turn itself on once again, but when I open the door and turn it off it will remain off while the door is open.
    Any one have an idea how to solve this problem??


    Sharon Stohlman
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    My lights are constantly turning on by themselves, all day and sometimes in the middle of the night, I have no idea why, I turned off all the routines and they still constantly do this- it’s so annoying!

    Lars Hjorth
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    Only a few of my 19 light bulbs turn on shortly after I turned them off from the dimmer switch or tap switch.
    Very frustrating.
    Tried to remove the bulbs and re-add them with no success.
    Had been going on for months now.
    Hue Support- Please help all of us with this issue!

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    How do you set up a reserved ip address for the hub?

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    just installed my new Hue App. testing it for Vacation tomorrow. . would anyone know, with the new app, if I do or don’t have to login to turn them I’m when I’m away?

    The app is on my phone, but nowhere did it say either login daily or the hue router will operate without the phone here.

    Any ideas?

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    We never set a timer or routine and yet it still goes on a little before 7 every morning in the bedroom. The other lights in other rooms do no do this.

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    Same problem. All hue lights (color and white) turn on during the night 3 times. They wake me, I turn them off, a few hours later they turn back on. I do not a motion sensor and have no routines turning on all the lights. Super frustrating. Family is revolting at my desire to purchase more lights, go figure.

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    I have the same issue. Every light in the house turns on at 6AM. We have the white lights, colored lights and a hall light strip with motion activation. Every light comes on – Baby’s room, Granny’s room, everything. I’ve done a complete reset. Relinked everything on the Hue bridge. I’ve tried setting a new wake up routine for 7AM with a slow fade in. No luck. Blammo – at 6AM everything is on. at 7AM, no lights. As RealRonn commented…family is none too happy right now. I use the iphone app to control Hue.

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    All of My hue lights were turning on by themselves twice every day. Finally was able to email Hue and this was there answer. So far it is working. We control our lights with apple products.

    Please open your Hue app when you are on the same network as your Hue bridge and click on the Gear, then click on Hue Bridge, next click on the i to the right of your Hue bridge, now click on Clean Up. This will remove any hidden or corrupt routines that may be stored on your Hue bridge.

    Anders Clausen
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    My did the same…. I switched lokation off, my phone tended to GPS drift well I was home…. Problem solved ?

    Robin Buzek
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    I just installed this system. 5 of the 8 lights continue to turn on even after turned off. All 5 lights are on the same switch. What is the fix for this?

    Randy N
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    every morning I wake up, ALL my Hue Lights are on. None of the iDevice switches are on, only all the Hue lights. A mixture of both color and white bulbs. I have renamed the Hue bridge to PhilipsHue (no space), I have set the bridge to a static IP, reviewed all settings in Hue and Home Kit configurations, NOTHING to automatically turn lights on. Why the hell have they been coming on EVERY morning?? Not sure what time they comme on, somewhere between 1 and 7 am. I am about to rip all these out!!!! Its driving me crazy!

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    My light flicker when they want to. I see that it might be because of them being on a dimmer switch, but how does one know about the IP addresses of the router and the bridge? Does this hold?

    Richard Croad
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    KH is right – just go to settings, select your bridge and run Clean up – brilliant – I’m using bulbs purchased in USA and NZ, no issues at all after the clean up – but each time I add a new bulb i need to do it

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