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  • Chad K
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    I wish I had seen this thread before purchasing the Hue system. Location awareness/geofencing was one of the major selling points for me and to find that not only does it not work but that it has been broken on at least some Android devices for several months now. I’ve tried several solutions including the first generation application (crashes on Nexus 5x) as well as apps from a number of third party developers which all rely on WiFi state (has not worked consistently) rather than GPS. Unfortunately I have not yet found a solution which gives me the functionality advertised on the Phillips web site.

    It seems I have little option but wait for a fix like everyone else but I can at least add to the thread with the hopes that Phillips pays attention or that someone considering a purchase sees this and it at least make them aware of the issue.

    Michael Coates
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    Add another for the location request. Can’t believe it’s an option that just doesn’t work :/

    Really it’s just for peace of mind for me, in case I leave my lights on while I’m away so I downloaded hue pro/tasker and set it to turn off when my wifi is disconnected from the house but it’s not what I want. Our router often needs resetting so I can see this being a problem at some point…

    Mr C. P.
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    I agree I’ve just bought very expensive light bulbs for no good reason other than clever marketing.
    The app keeps turning off the location aware option.
    And what does work is clunky e.g. setting timers is hardly intuitive, and no randomising, how hard could that be.
    I bought these as a security aid and I wouldn’t recommend them.

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    Similar to me like the pre-posters. I bought the Hue System due to its functionality. Location awareness doesn’t work. I have set a routine to turn off several lights when leaving home. It doesn’t work, despite the routine sees my real position and location aware is set to “I”. A routine to turn on a certain light every day at the same time seems to work.
    One of the worst thing for coming home routine: I can’t even select a colour! I can only choose from scenes? Why Philips are you selling me a product, advertised for its colour rainbow spectre, but don’t let me choose these colours?
    BTW I’m logged-in in my account.

    Iain Maclean
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    I think the silence from Philips is even more irritating than their hue apps…and that is saying something!

    Paul Alibone
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    Not working on my mate 9 either. Come on Philips pls fix. It’s been a problem for months

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    Is this still not being addressed by Phillips?

    This is the Phillips Hue forum, isn’t it? Where is the official response?

    You should not include incomplete or non-functional features in your app. I can’t tell you how many times I tried to make the setting stick before I found this thread, and I still don’t understand why this feature is evidently not available on Android version of the Hue app. What gives, Phillips?

    Rasa Kateb
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    As far as I know this is not an official Philips website.

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    So this isnt a fix, its a type of work around. I am still waiting for hue to get off their *** and fix it. If you get an Echo Dot, like 40 bucks on amazon right now, you can run all the lights through there.. We have it set up so you just say, “Alexa, turn on home”

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    To Helix

    The scenes are your colors, you need to create custom scenes with the colors you want in order to do the feature you were referencing. Which is annoying, but its how you customize.

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    Sooooo, this has been broken for… 6 months? Any updates? Estimated time to fix? Is there a list I can get on for an update when this is resolved?

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    In the meantime, the Yonomi app does a pretty good job of controlling our Hue lights.

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    I have a SG7 edge and also have the issues of not being able to set the location aware on. I turn it on and there is no SAVE so I expect that is what is missing or not being in the code path. Last night I had the issue of the save not working for the coming home routing but it resolved itself this morning. Not a wifi issue as everything else worked such as turning on and off lights. Here it is now into another month and still no resolution. Won’t be buying anymore hue products until resolved. Also not recommending to friends at this time due to so many issues in setting up etc. Not for the IT Light of heart folks out there.

    Matthew Pruitt
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    Bumping because how has this not been fixed yet?

    Mark Ashworth
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    Bumped again, Phillips this is ridiculous. Fix this problem or at least remove it from the Android app until you fix it.

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