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  • James
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    Same issue with the location aware not staying on. This should be an easy fix in the app!!!

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    Exactly the same location aware issue as others above. Unbelievable and unacceptable considering this is one of the features they are marketing right now.

    Looking at their website (2 Jan 2017 – link) it says “With geofencing technology, your lights can even welcome you home or switch off automatically when you leave your home”. Based on my experience and all other comments above this clearly isn’t working. I’m not a lawyer or expert but in Australia this seems to be deceptive and probably not allowed or grounds for a refund.

    I suggest you all log into the Play Store (or App Store) and provide your feedback on this issue too.

    Hardware is great, but the app is a serious letdown.


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    Using an S7 Edge as well. I thought it might be accessibility/permission thing but Hue does not show up in that list. To me, location awareness would be the most efficient way to manage lights on and off in the winter. I don’t ever get home from work at the same time. Would prevent lights coming on via routine on a night I come home late. I know I can always use the app to shut things off manually, but the whole point of spending all this money on the system was to avoid having to micromanage everything.

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    Same issue on OnePlus 3 running nougat and marshmallow before that.

    Any fix?! Issue seems to have been there for a year!

    Ian Butters
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    I use an IFTTT.com applet for turning lights off when I leave my home, and turning them on when I return. Works perfectly.

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    I have the same issue with the location aware coming home function. I am using a Samsung Galaxy S7

    I purchased the Que because you advertised this feature, now a few hundred dollars later and it is not working.

    Please advise.

    Thank you

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    Just got a new phone galaxy s7. I had no problem with this feature in my old iPhone 5 but I can’t seem to turn on location aware with galaxy s7… I need this feature pleaseeeee

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    Here is some information that I was able to find on this issue, let me know if this works or not.

    “Please ensure location service is enabled on the phone itself. Please note: it may happen when entering the border of your geofence area, that at the same time your phone is switching between Wi-Fi and cellular data. The app doesn’t check and if there is a period when there is no connect, and the app sends the signal, then there will will be no second chance and it failed. If you have faked your location with a development tool(s) of your device, it may be that you need to restart your phone again to activate geofencing again.”

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    Nope does not work. Crazy how long this has been a problem

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    The main reason I spent the money so when we come home from work, we have the lights on, prior to walking in. The hardware is fine and works with Google Home but the app is an absolute junk. Philips, please fix this or let me know so I can return your crap and get my money back.

    Bart Burroughs
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    I do as well but no way to tell it to only do so after sunset which is minor but still. Phillips should have this fixed already. No excuse.

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    Does not work for me either.

    Very disappointing, Philips!

    I’ve created a location-based (rather than Wi-Fi-based as someone mentioned before) workaround with Tasker.

    Still, advertising something that doesn’t work is not acceptable!

    I’ll keep my lamps but I’m not going to recommend it to anybody, out of principle. That’s just unacceptable, Philips!

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    Same issue, location aware not working. I really want this feature working please fix

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    Unable to save location aware in the on setting. So when you leave the setting it reverts back to off. So my location aware don’t work unless I turn it on while I’m driving home. This issue should be as simple as once I hit my WiFi at home it cues the light why is this so hard?

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    Bumping to see if there is a fix yet?

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