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  • Daniel Janßen
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    Hi Guys,
    have some trouble with my Hue and IFTTT.
    I can’t create new Applets because IFTTT doesn’t find my Hue Lights. The IFTTT App says: problem accessing your lights

    Can anybody help me?

    David Evans
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    Same problem. I used it successfully this summer and in Oct and Nov. Now my existing applets don’t work with the same error message. Also, the format for launching apps has changed to a less convenient one for setting multiple actions.

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    I am having the same problem. When I create an applet in IFTTT i get the error “problem accessing your lights….”
    I have deleted and reinstalled both the Hue app and the IFTTT app.

    Any help would be much appreciated

    Jonny brown
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    Same issue here, worked 14th Dec now says “problem accessing lights” reached out 3 days ago to support and nothing back!

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    i’m having the same issue trying to use ifft with hue. is this bug being actively addressed?

    alan w
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    ifttt is still not working with hue. is this actively being addressed?

    Trey Starke
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    My IFTTT applet says problem
    Accessing Lights. It worked in past have clean bridge and tries setting it up again

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    Can’t access lights for Philips hue on IFTTT worked several days ago now can’t access what’s going on and fixes???

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    I am having the same problem. It seemed to happen immediately after I installed some 3d Party APPs like iConnect Hue and Hue Disco. Not sure if these APPs are the cause of the problem but I have to wonder if there could be some sort of conflict with these APPs and IFTTT. Have others with this problem recently installed 3d Party Apps?

    Ian Butters
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    In IFTTT settings, check in my services / hue / settings that the status is shown as active.
    If not, click on edit connection and relink your hue hub.
    This sorted out the “problem accessing your lights” error for me.

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    Ian’s suggestion worked even though it was showing active in my app. I just reconnected and issue was resolved.

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    Thanks everyone – this also worked for my Hue bridge.

    Colleen C
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    My hue bridge is connected to the internet but when I want to set up the routine and couldn’t sign in it kept saying the bridge is offline but it’s connected. Having so much trouble with this issue. Thanks

    Jon Hobby
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    I am having the same basic prob. Although I cannot even get the hue app settings to show in IFTTT in order to try and reset anything. I have reconnected and reset the bridge and the app alone with all good indicators and success. Cannot connect from IFTTT to Hue though. Maybe going around the elbow (via smartthings) to get back to the Hue thumb will work?

    Justin L
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    Similar issue. It does not show in services (though it previously did). When I search for hue, the main page for it comes up and has a connect button. I click it, log into hue, authorize IFTTT, and it says successful and send me back to the IFTTT app. When I get back, it still has the connect button and it still doesn’t show hue in service.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 25 total)
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