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  • Axel
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    Hi everyone, I need a little help from you. I’ve follow all the steps to connect the bridge, lights, etc and everythings working fine but if I change the wifi connection to 4g connection in my phone I cant reach the bridge. If I go back to the wifi connection everythings back to normality.
    I bought this lights thinking that I can manage the lights when I’m on holidays or outside my house and not only when I get connected to the same wifi connection that the bridge it’s actually connected. (that means that I can only manage the lights inside my house)
    Please help my to solve this problem

    Best regards


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    Hi Axel,

    I have been having exactly the same issue, it used to work fine, but for the last couple of months I can not connect to my lights when on 4G.

    A solution will be much appreciated,


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    Same problem. I am connected to my WiFi out of the home, but HUE says no connection to the internet. What gives?

    Gaute Brunovskis
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    Same problem here…. Hope this will be resolved soon! 😛

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    I think I figured it out.
    1- Make sure you use the updated app
    2- In the app “settings” (bottom menu in the app) and “Hue bridges”, make sure the correct Bridge is connected
    3- Then go to “Explore” (also bottom menu in app), make sure you are logged in (at the top of the page).
    4- If all og this is ok then everything should work, but be aware that it says “out of home connection” in orange when 4g is actually working fine (at first I thought this message meant something was wrong sinte it was in orange and not green).
    – So green means wifi is connected and works fine
    – Orange means 4g is connected and works fine
    – Red “no connection” means things are not working fine (no surprise on this last one then)

    In my opinion the Hue-app should take you through these steps automatically on installation + not use orange color when everything is fine, but at this point I’m just happy everything is finally working ?

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    Ever since I downloaded the software update the app says “Out of home connection”. It runs slower and I have to try several times to get a light to respond. WTF Philips?! Fix the damn problem. These are not $1 bulbs. Stop acting like it’s not happening douche nozzles!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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