How to Assign a Static IP Address to your Hue Bridge using an Apple Airport Router

If you are having trouble connecting to your Philips hue bridge or the 3rd light on the bridge is constantly flashing and never becomes solid, assigning the bridge a static IP address can often resolve this issue. This will be done through your routers settings, if you are not comfortable with changing your routers setting you can also contact Apples Support to guide you through this process.

First you will need access Airport Utility on either a Mac or Windows computer.

Open Airport Utility and select your Router. Then select the Edit button.

Click the plus sign under DHCP Reservation

Follow these Settings:

Description: Philips Hue

Reserve by: MAC Address

MAC Address: This is located on the bottom of your Hue Bridge

IPv4 Address: We can find this IP address a couple of different ways below

How to Find my Hue Bridge MAC Address

The MAC Address of your Hue Bridge can be found on the back of the Bridge on a label with a back code.

The MAC Address of your Hue Bridge 2.0 can be found in the red box. It will be a total of 6 numbers/characters and it will not show the full address. You have to add 00:17:88 followed by what is on the back of your bridge.

For instance, if your bridge shows 1a2b3c then your complete MAC address would be 00:17:88:1a:2b:3c

The complete MAC address can be found in the red box on the Hue Bridge 1.0

How to Find My Bridge IP Address

In Airport Utility 6.x  you can no longer see the IP addresses assigned to devices.  However you can still find this information a few different ways.

Method 1 – Disable DHCP in Hue App

Open the Philips Hue Application and go into Settings/My Bridge/Network Settings. Once in Network settings, disable DHCP and it will display the IP address that is currently assigned to your Hue Bridge.

Method 2 – Install Fing

Another way is with this network application called Fing. It is a free application that will show you all devices and ip address assigned to them on your network.

Once you have your MAC address and IP address set, click save to add this DHCP Reservation. Then click on Update. Now that your settings are saved, power cycle the hue bridge by unplugging the power adapter for 30 seconds and plug it back in. Wait for all lights to become solid again, could take up to 5 minutes.

Now open the Philips Hue application and try to connect to your bridge again. If this does not work, please follow through each step again carefully and ensure you have entered all the correct information.