Step #1: Go to the Scenes page in your Philips hue application. Once there press the plus symbol on the top right. Then select Photo. After you have selected Photo, at the top you can choose to use a picture that is on your phones library or the stock Philips library.

Screenshot_2015-04-12-18-38-32                                 Screenshot_2015-04-12-18-38-43

Step #2: Select which picture you would like to use and then it will take you to the move to scale page. Here you can center the image or adjust. Select the check mark or save button once you are done.


Step #3: Next we select the lights we want to be affected by this scene and move them to the colors you want them in. Press the small up arrow icon on the bottom right to select the bulbs. Press the down facing arrow icon to then move the select bulbs into position.

Screenshot_2015-04-12-18-39-36                                 Screenshot_2015-04-12-18-39-50

Step #4: Press the check mark or save button once you have everything the way you want it and it will prompt you with the option to name it (e.g. Bedroom, Living room, Kitchen)


Now you have a new scene to use. If you would like to edit this scene and make adjustments, press the pencil icon on the top right of the scenes page. Then select the scene you want to edit and press the edit option.

Screenshot_2015-04-12-18-40-18 Screenshot_2015-04-12-18-40-22