How to Transfer Scenes to Hue App Gen 2

With the new Philips hue application you only have 11 default scenes and 4 of them are picture scenes. You can create new ones using pictures on your device or there is a way of transferring them over to your new hue app gen 2. This process however only allows us to transfer one scene at a time.

What this is transferring is the light configuration of your Gen 1 hue app scene, it does not transfer the photo so you will not be able to edit this scene once it is transferred.

First open your Hue Gen 1 app and select the scene you want to transfer. Make sure it is configure the way you want it before you transfer it.

Now open your Hue Gen 2 app and select the room that contains the lights for that scene you want to transfer.

Press the circle button with the plus sign on the bottom right to save your light configuration as a scene.

You can name it what you have it as in your old app.

Now you have successfully transferred your scene configuration to your new Hue Gen 2 app!