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Wake Up and Routines

In the new hue application Alarms are now called Routines.  With Routines you can have a room either come on or go off at a specific time and have that routine repeat on certain days of the week. Timers have been removed from the new application.

Wake up is the same idea as routines except the difference is you have to select a fade time and when you select a room you choose which lights you want to fade on. This feature does not give you the option to select a scene or light color, it will simulate a sunrise to help you wake up naturally.

Select a time you want the routine the activate. Then select the days of the week you want it to repeat.

Select if you want this routine to fade and the amount of time you want the fade to take.

Select the Room you want for this routine.

Now select what you want this routine to activate. You can have the lights turn off or a scene for the lights to come on to.

After you are finished selecting all of the options above press the Save button in the top right hand corner and your finished!

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