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Philips Hue App Gen 2

The new Philips hue gen 2 application has been released.  This new application features a completely new user interface designed to help make hue a bit more intuitive.


  • Rooms – Organize your hue lights by rooms, within rooms you can set scenes and change the colors of individual lights
  • Home & Away – This feature used to be called Geofencing, it allows you to set what happens when you leave and arrive home
  • Wake Up & My Routines – Both of these features function like Alarms in the old application, but now you can set rooms to come on and off at certain times and repeat for certain days of the week

New Hue App Quick Start Guide

Lets get started using and familiarizing yourself with this new way to use hue.

Step 1. Create a Room

When you open this new app the first thing you will need to do is organize your lights into rooms, you can name the room whatever you like and select the room type.

Lights can only be used in one room at one time, you can not have the same light in different rooms.


Now that you have a Room setup, select the Room and this will bring you into the Lights and Scenes menu. Here you can adjust your lights to different colors and levels of brightness. When you are done making changes, make sure you press the check mark or save button in the top right corner


There are only 4 default photo scenes, you can add more images from your device.

When you select the scene, you can adjust the brightness with the outer edge of the scene. The pencil icon on the top right is the edit button

In the new app you can only shuffle your lights to rearrange them to different colors of the scene. Make sure you save the scene once you have the lights on the colors you want.

Hopefully this was enough to get you started using the new hue application, it will take some time to adjust and get used to the new layout, options, and settings. You can still use the old Philips hue application so there is no rush to learn everything about this application right away. Check back here for more tutorials soon.

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