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New Hue Lamps

Philips announced 3 new lamps that will be available soon for Philips Hue. These new lamps are white ambiance so they are able to change different kelvins, but not colors. Check below for specifications and availability. Hue White Ambiance Wellner Table Lamp Hue White Ambiance Wellness Table Lamp [...]

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Philips Hue App Update 2.8

A Hue application update was released today that allows you to change all the lights in a room to the same color and moved the settings icon with the other hue options. Here are the official patch notes.   IOS and Android Hue App 2.8.0: New stuff Set the entire room to a specific [...]

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Philips Hue App Update 2.7

This new application update is available for Android and IOS. What's New in the 2.7 Update. IOS: - HomeKit improvements: - You can add multiple Hue scenes to a HomeKit scene. This allows you to turn on multiple rooms using a single Siri voice command. - You can add Hue scenes to your existing [...]

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Philips Hue Black Friday Deals

Here is what we've found for Philips Hue and other smart device Black Friday Deals we've found from Amazon. Expect pricing and inventory to change rapidly. Hue Go Hue Starter Kit 2nd Gen Hue A19 White & Color 2nd Gen Lightstrip Plus [...]

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New Philips Hue Bulbs and Motion Sensor

Philips has released a few new additions for your Philips hue system. Click the links below for pricing and availability at Amazon. Hue Motion Sensor Hue GU10 White & Ambiance Hue BR30 White & Ambiance Hue White & Ambiance Wireless Dimming Kit - (Hue A19 White & Ambiance + Hue Wireless Dimmer) Hue A19 White & [...]

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Philips Hue Motion Sensor

Philips has announced today the Philips Hue Motion Sensor The Motion sensor is a wireless sensor that requires 2 AAA batteries. The sensor spread is 100 degrees and can be adjusted up to 30 degrees horizontal and 30 degrees vertically. You will be able to add up to 12 sensors per [...]

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New Philips Hue App 2.0 Released

Philips has released the new version of the Philips Hue application. This application features a completely new user interface, new features and aims to be more intuitive than the current hue application. The old Philips hue application will still be available for some time so you won't have to relearn a completely [...]

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New Hue Bridge Firmware Update 1.12

Philips is releasing a new hue bridge firmware upgrade starting on April 20th 2016 for the US. This update will feature a security upgrade and functionality for the new Philips hue application that will be released in Spring 2016. The security update changes the authentication process for third party hue applications to help make the [...]

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