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//Bridge 2.0 Connectivity Problems
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  • Wez Crutchfield
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    I can not connect my hue account to the hue bridge
    I can not connect Googel home, Alexa or IFTTT

    Ivan control lights in several hue apps and HomeKit and Siri

    Why is apple working ok but the Login to the HUE bridge can not be done
    I have tried every thing inc multiple resets
    This is very frustating that I can not get this working with Alexa or Googel Home

    Please help some one


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    same problem, wasn’t expecting such an obstacle

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    I have the same problem!

    The 4 lights are on
    I can ping on the IP
    I can control the lights from the APP

    But I can’t connect the bridge on my account!

    Please help

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    same here. Everything in my Network is running fine. The Hue Bridge shows all blue LEDs are OK!
    My Amazon Echo is also working well. No Problems at all. Also the Connection to other Cloud Services like IFTTT are working flewless.

    But still Problem to connect my new Hue Bridge to the Account at
    I want to use more Alexa Skills and also iConnectHue. But therefor i have to link the Bridge to my Hue Account.

    Hope someone can help me with a Solution.


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    I am having the same problem. I just got my starter pack with 3 bulbs, I set upo both HomeKit and Alexa, and it is working fine. I just can’t add the bridge to my Hue account. I’ve tried on my iPhone, iPad, even with my laptop physically plugged to the router the bridge is connected to, and nothing happens! It is very frustrating because without it I can’t use any IFTTT recipes.
    I already tried everything in the support page, but nothing is working.

    Any ideas?

    jayne marangon
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    the philips hue is connected to my phone and will work off the wifi but won’t connect to 4G and work when we are away

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    Today I was finally able to connect the bridge to my account.
    I’ve been trying using iOS devices and even my Mac, but it connected when I tried using Chrome in a PC. The router I am using is a Lynksys, so for my the router was not the problem.

    I honestly don’t know why it worked with a PC (Chrome, it didn’t work with Opera or Edge), and not with any other browser or Mac, even using Safari.

    William Hatch
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    Is there nobody from Hue actually responding to this problem? Seriously, I’m absolutely shocked that there is literally nothing in the way of direct support on this, from the manufacture. It’s obviously a major problem; a simple google search will confirm that. This thread has been active for a year and a half, and still nothing anywhere on it from Hue. Ridiculous

    stephen pearce
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    Good morning. I have recently bought your Hue system: bridge, 4 lights and 1 sensor. One light failed and Amazon replaced the starter kit. All lights are working including the one linked to the sensor. However, I cannot any longer use Alexa to operate the lights. Alexa advises that there is no contact with the Hue bridge. When I attempt to Login To My Hue I receive the green ‘connected’ message followed by the error message that the bridge is offline and that i shold ensure the bridge is connected to the internet. I believe I have followed your troubleshooting advice correctly but it has made no difference. I should be grateful for your advice, please. My home phone here in the UK is 01938 554431. Thank you.

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    Here is what I did to fix my exact same issues….

    1) Log into your account at
    2) Once logged in, click on “Bridge” in the top menu.
    3) Click the red button at the bottom an UNLINK YOUR BRIDGE. (I will guarantee that it is not registered correctly to your account).
    4) Confirm you want to UNLINK BRIDGE
    6) Push the Button on your bridge to register.

    Thats all it took for me. Everything on all my apps started signing in instantly and NO MORE CONNECTION ISSUES!

    Good luck!

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    Brady you saved my sanity! I had done EVERYTHING – reconfigured my network, opened ports, contacted Hue support (days of waiting), etc. and this simple fix did it. I didn’t even think to try it because I wasn’t sure what would happen, but the fact that Hue support didn’t suggest this as the very first troubleshooting step is beyond me. THANK YOU.

    Nalin Gunawardana
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    Bradly, Could you please let me know point #3 of your post, is it with Philips Hue App? have you used your phone app or web app?
    I have tried both hue app and and web, logged in, there are three tabs – Account, Bridge, Apps. If I go to Bridge tab there is no delete button. Appreciate your advise.

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