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  • Yasir Sheikh
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    Hi I am having the same problem, I have got two bridges and they were working fine till yesterday afternoon and for some strange reason all of a sudden they just stooped working now I cannot find them on the Hue App or on the web discovery. I have tried deleting everything. Reset the wifi on the phone reseted the bridges but cannot find the bridges again.
    can anyone please help
    Kind Regards

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    Same issue here with only two lights on, myhue and app do not discover bridge.

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    Same issue here two lights on third wont come on has anyone found a answer for this?

    Brad Kirk
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    Have the exact same problem – Been working fine for a couple of months then suddenly the third light on the Hue bridge doesn’t come on and it has no internet access. I can’t find it on our router and it doesn’t respond when I ping the IP. Effectively bricked atm

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    I’m having the same problem I have 2 of the lights but the third one is out. Any answers?

    Carol Quenga
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    I purchased a starter kit at Amazon and it was working fine. Now, Alexa says Hue is not responding. I have disconnected all incl bridge and reinstalled but to no avail. I was going to buy more bulbs and candelabras until this.

    Joel K
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    I am having the same issue. Everything worked fine yesterday now the 3rd light on bridge is completely off. No blinking. Please help.

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    I’m having the same problem, the third LED (internet) is out. I tried unplugging the device and resetting it and it still didn’t work. It appears it stopped working early last week? Please help.

    jarrett smith
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    same issue, nothing works, literally in the last two hours it just stopped, I only have the power light. I can’t do anything. my entire house is lit up and its 1 in the morning. I’m about ready to start breaking shit Phillips you haven’t done anything to fix this in months!!!!

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    Same … 2 solid lights and no 3rd. App can’t find bridge or control lights neither can Alexa. Had to turn off lights. Powering down and back the bridge hasn’t worked. Can’t find any solution. Please advise Philips.

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    Same problem as Neil. I bought a new bridge but it will not recognize any bulbs.

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    Well, damn! I had to manually enter each bulb via serial number. Then relaunch everything. Alexa is still not quite right but I am getting there. Had to manually enter the UP address too. A PAIN!!! Duplicate names of bulbs is one issue. Costs me 3 hours of my life 🙂

    Juan Antonio Suarez
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    *PROBLEM SOLVED!!!* I was having the same problem. I knew the problem started after my Comcast internet and cable went down late last night around 1:30AM. I jumped on my phone to go online, and I had to turn my phone’s wifi setting off so that it would connect to the internet, otherwise my phone kept trying to connect using the home wifi, which was down. Anyways, so I just turned the wifi setting back on, in my phone and immediately the Phillips Hue App connected to the bridge. Problem solved. So check your wifi setting and make sure it’s turned on in your phone, laptop or whatever device you’re using.

    James MorganBob
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    I had my hub stop responding. It was still showing 3 lights but didn’t respond to Alexa and app just showed it as connecting.
    Things I tried initially that didn’t work on their own:
    Power cycle (unplugging the power)
    Factory reset (unplug Ethernet and press button underneath for 5 seconds with a paperclip).
    What did work was in addition to the above:
    deleting the app on my iPhone
    Tried multiple times to re-add the lights including by adding serial number. Eventually it found one of my bulbs.

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