Can't find Hue Runner 3-Spot

//Can't find Hue Runner 3-Spot
Can't find Hue Runner 3-Spot 2017-12-11T14:49:21+00:00

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  • Micael
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    I have a Hue Runner 3-Spot installed but I can not find it in the app. Anyone know where I can find the serialnumber to connect in the app?

    Any other tips?

    klaus Villadsen
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    you sure that you are on the same wifi 2,4 or 5 ghz as the bridge?
    You can try to press the big round button on the bridge again to connect your phone to it again?
    I guess there a dimming switch with the spot?
    You can proberly control the spot just with that without being connected to the bridge?
    under accessory setup you should setup the switch
    and under light setup you should see your bulb when you have turned it on and searched for it

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    hey, i have the same isse. how did you solve it ?

    @ klaus: it’s not an issue of wifi. i can see the hue base, it sees all my other light… just the scan for new light does not bring up the runnter spot and i have no clue where the serial number would be found (the box only has the sku).

    thanks for any more insight,

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    ok, take out the spots one by one to find the serial number. scanne with the number finds them then… all good now.

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    How do I take the spots out?

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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