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  • Simon
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    Ive been thinking through this for a while now and still havent resolved my issue. I bought a starter kit with a Bridge. 3 x hue bulbs & the remote. I have managed to set up the bulbs in existing wall lights and create rooms etc and control then via Google Home – so all good there. The problem I have is the Garden Office which is connected (30m away) with TPlink powerline adapters with a Wifi extender in it. I have set up the extender with the same SSID/ Pword as the rest of the house and phones ect all work fine with it. The problem I have is the bulbs are not being discovered when the app looks for them. I tried them in the house and it works .. but in the garden office I get nothing…. is this a case of needing another bridge in the garden office or should the one in the house be okay.

    Thanks in advance

    G Clarke
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    I also have a garden room down the end of the garden, although mine is connected by CAT cable.

    The hue bulbs themselves don’t connect to the wi-fi, only the hub connects to the wi-fi the bulbs talk to the hub via Zigbee. The bulbs in you garden room are probably out of range of the ones in your house.

    You’ll need another hub in the garden room, both hubs will show in the hue app and you’ll choose which one you want to connect to.

    Hope that helps.

    Phil York
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    Are you able to add them in the house then use them in the garden?

    Zigbee creates a mesh network so each bulb/device acts as a repeater and bounces the signal along the chain. But the initial pairing likely needs a direct connection to the hub.

    Try pairing them in the house then move them to the garden.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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