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//Home and Away function not working
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  • Balthus Van De Vijver
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    Hi 🙂

    I’m using the official Hue app on Android 7.0 Everything is working perfect exept for the Home and Away function. I’m capable of choosing and saving what lights should light up or go out when i get home or leave. Even after saving all my settings with the location detection turned ON, nothing happens when i come home.
    Is anyone else having trouble with this? I made sure the Hue app stil runs when my phone is in my pocket


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    Got same problem

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    Same problem. I have Hue connected to Amazon Echo Dot. Maybe there is a conflict?

    Rob Pearce
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    I have the same problem. In fact it has never worked.

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    Same problem. Never worked. Using Android 7.0.

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    Same issue here… 🙁

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    Since the last update this problem is persistent. Whereas it used to work like a charm, since the last weeks, my wake up routines (morning and evening) decide to initiate randomly. Home & away switches off and on whenever the app feels like it. All i want is a simple routine, in the morning light go on and after a couple of hours off, and the same routine in the evening.

    Now, it works, and it doesnt work. I am a bit tired of this as there is no logic to it. Cleaned my hub several times, deleted, redefined the routines over and over again, but nothing seems to work. Clock is also completely off. It has become the weakest link in my house, and it is supposed to be the simplest product (compared to my home automation setup, which works like a charm).

    I am very close of dismantling this hue shit as if there is something i hate, it is irreliable stuff. Especially as when SWMBO keeps saying “why dont they work”, “please change back to whatever scene”. So much for automated lights!

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    I am not able to access my Phillips Hue remotely away from home, keeps saying “Out of home connection” in orange within the app…any suggestions?? Before I decide to take my business elsewhere

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    I have been having this same problem for 2 weeks; was on the phone with Hue “tech support” for 2 hours, and nothing!
    Finally I resolved it myself using these steps:

    1) Go to: Home & Away–>Leaving Home–>Where?
    Select one or two of your rooms, then hit back then hit Save.
    2) Repeat the above steps, this time deselect the rooms you chose, and hit Save.
    3) Go to app store, and update the app.
    4) Now, if and when it says “Out of Home Connection”, that really translates into “you are not connected to your home wifi network”. You can control your lights just fine anywhere around the world (as long as you have a cellular connection or wifi connection), as if you were at home.

    My other theory is that this only affects Android phones…how many of you have iPhones

    So much for tech support!!!

    klaus Villadsen
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    try using the Formula multi user geofencing under explore and philips hue laps

    Olafur Jonsson
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    To use Home and Away you have to log into your Hue account. See the instructions here:

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    I gave up on home and away in December 2017. At first I was using the function in the Hue app, but it was never reliable. Then I heard about an IFTT script which worked better. In December 2017, the script which had worked most of the time up to that point, suddenly started turning on the light minutes or even hours (!) after I got home. Not only was this useless, I ended up having to turn off the light when it came on.
    Now I manually turn on the light in the app when I get home before I open the door.

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    FYI, this was moved from the ‘explore’ tab to the ‘settings’ tab with the recent update.

    I put a new ROM on my phone and checked the ‘explore’ tab, finding the regular options (friends of hue, apps we like, etc), wondering why I could not control lights via the app when I was away if I was logged in.

    Turns out, I wasn’t logged in. Check your settings tab, the ‘out of home control’ has moved there.

    hopefully this helps someone else.

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