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    I have been running Hue lights via HomeKit for over a year with great results.
    Over that time I have added close to 50 accesories (lights, sensors, switches),around a month ago Homekit no longer could reach my devices.
    I have tried every logical method to rectify this with no success.
    One experiment was to purchase a Google nest mini, and use Google Home, this does connect to the hue bridge, and I’m able to activate my lights with no issues.

    I even purchased a second Hue bridge and tried to connect this to HomeKit, but it too would not work and displayed the following:
    “Your Hue Bridge was not found. Reboot the Hue Bridge by powering it off and on, and make sure it’s connected to your router.”

    I went a step further and used an older iPhone with a new Apple Account, I used one of my HomePods as my HomeKit Hub, and reset my Hue bridge to start from scratch. Again I got the same message when I tried to connect via the Hue App HomeKit & Siri link.

    I am running the latest updates on apps and iOS. This is extremely frustrating as I invested a lot to use HomeKit with Phillips Hue.

    I hope someone can assist with this, as I must be missing something here.

    thank you.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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