Hue 2.0 app doesn't support routines for individual lights

//Hue 2.0 app doesn't support routines for individual lights
Hue 2.0 app doesn't support routines for individual lights 2016-09-04T01:15:06+00:00

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  • John Novak
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    In the Hue 1.0 application IOS I can have alarms that control 1 or more lights however in the Hue 2.0 IOS application the Routines only work on a room. If I have 5 different lights assigned to a room then the routine turns on or off all 5 lights. I can no longer control the individual lights in the room. For example my Living Room has 5 Hue lights in it, 2 white lights that I want to go on and off at certain times of the day and 3 colour lights that I control manually with scenes. I can no longer do this in the Hue 2.0 app. I would need to create 2 rooms for the Living Room with the 2 white lights in one room and the 3 colour lights in a second – this does not make sense.

    Why can’t the Routines let me select a room then be given the lights in that room to individually select or not.

    Will this be coming in a future release of the Hue 2.0 app?


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    I know what you’re talking about John, I ran into this issue myself. I have submitted this to Philips development team so hopefully this will change in the future!

    Leslie Mccormick
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    I have the same issue. It is further complicated because one of my living room lights is connected to the motion sensor. The impact of the motion sensor connecting to a max of 3 lights when my living room has 6 lights is an integration issue that should be addressed in version 2

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    In fact in the Hue second generation it seemed they killed the idea of making many different scenes with all the lights in your house. The word “scene” even does not exist in the second generation app. You can’t make different colours for the same light for example to switch on a night scene and to wake up by timer, with a daylight colour for the same light. In HUE first generation, it was so easy to set up different scenes with all the lights you wanted, the colours and intensities you wanted. Now, with hue second generation that has become imposdible. Shame!!!

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    It’s a case of the ivory tower being out of touch! This change is not a very green change! I guess you have to sub-divide the rooms into bulbs. I have TO THINK THAT THROUGH before I go and change all my setup. Well I have to change it anyway cause nothing works now. I got light coming on and off unexpectedly. When I bought into this from a well known company, I had no idea it flash me back to 1982!!!

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    I just stumbled on a workaround for this issue.
    1. from the Home menu, select a room
    2. from the LIGHTS tab, manually set each light as you would like if for the scene. (from this screen you can toggle individual bulbs on and off. To set the color an individual bulb tap its icon. To set the brightness for an individual bulb use the slider.)
    3. when you have your room scene set press the SCENES tab.
    4. On the Scenes tab, press the + to add your custom scene. Choose “Store current light settings” and give your scene a name.

    You can set up multiple custom scenes for each room.

    Then from the MY ROUTINES screen you can all on that custom scene with individual bulbs set to different colors and brightnesses, some on and some off.

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    When I click to the room and tap on it to bring up individual lights, none show up, and I only see the ability to change the color of the two lights that have tha options, and the white lights are nowhere to be seen. I am sticking with original app. I have been playing with the new Hue app for a week and it is pretty terrible. I am a software Engineer, and this app is truly lacking in basic things to allow the user to get around. So bad Phillips.

    I would love to control individual lights in a routine, and I have seen screen shots showing how individual lights are shown for a room, but when I try to mimic the examples, my lights do not show up, just the ability to change color. Original App is light years ahead of the new one in so many regards.

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    You can just set up a scene that has certain lights on and certain lights off for each room. Then when you create a routine and select a room you can use those scenes.

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