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    So, I bought 5 Hue E12 lamps to use in light fixture above my dining room table. They work great, with no problems adjusting through Hue app or through Echo device… However, they randomly flicker unpredictably (and annoyingly). The circuit for the light fixture goes through a switch on the wall, but there’s nothing wrong with the switch.

    Here’s the part I need someone to explain to me… I replaced one of the Hue E12 lamps with an regular incandescent lamp to see if the flickering was WiFi related or if it was the electrical circuit. With the incandescent lamp in the fixture along with 4 Hue E12 lamps, IT NEVER FLICKERS. As soon as I put the Hue E12 back in the fixture (5 Hue E12 lamps), it will flicker again. WHY? Does the incandescent lamp boost the other lamps’ reception from the Hue Hub?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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