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  • Ed S
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    Ive just bought a Lightstrip plus from Amazon to complement another set I’ve got.

    Its not turning off and the colours aren’t working properly so i need some help of what to try next.

    I’ve checked its connected correctly …….
    I’ve swapped the light strips over and the new lightstrip work ok with the other lightstrips wifi controller
    I’ve also done a full factory reset on my hue bridge just in case thats where the problem lies.

    i think its a fault wifi block but was wondering if there is anything else i should try


    Chad Lee
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    Hi, I have the exact same problem! It appears to be something with the lights strip controller as I have a few of them and swapped out different strips to the same controller and gives me the same problem. I used those strips on different controllers and there was no problem. Tried removing it from my hub and re-adding it with no luck.

    Did anyone figure out a way to fix this? Otherwise I will need to bring it back to the store and exchange it.

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    I have the same problem. The lightstrip plus won’t even turn off it just stays red when i turn it off. I have tried multiple thing but nothing worked. I hope there is any solution for this problem.

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    Same problem. Lights stay red when press off. How do you fix this?!?

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    I’m having the same problem. I try to turn the strip off and it won’t turn off fully, t will just turn off the scene but there is an orange/reddish light that is always on. Has anyone found a way to fix this?

    Tammy B
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    My Hue app will not detect the second light strip I installed. Have tried multiple times, even tried entering the serial number several times. Help please…

    Robert Gladstone
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    My hub will not detect my new Hue Lightstrip Plus. It is running my other five bulbs just fine.

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    Hue light strip won’t turn off or change color. Tried adding a strip caused all the problems. Please help

    John O’Reilly
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    Just got another Hue Lightstrip today and no lights are coming on and it’s not being detected (had 2 other ones that worked without any problem).

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    My Lightstrip wont switch off. when using the app or alexa it just dims but doesnt switch off… any ideas?

    Ketan Adkar
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    I am having the same problem.. my 2nd lihtstrip does not shut down completely. Has anyone found solution for the same

    Justin Livermore
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    I have the exact same problem and it is very frustrating that this is not being fixed.

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    I can add my name to this (Loss of LS control).
    I left the whole problem after 3 hours trying everything to reset.
    I attempted the Hue Bridge Reset. Manually installing the serial numbers etc.
    Read on a couple of other sites of the same problem. They all said “after leaving it for a day or two”. They went back and reinstalled the LS,as per set up. IT WORKED?
    Strike me down and call me Sally. ☆SAME for me IT WORKE! LS reset showed back on Alex
    I think there may be a software issue? However Philips hasn’t said?

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    I have the same problem, could you fix your probleem?

    Ricardo Murray
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    It may just need a firmware update. If you don’t have Hue app on your mobile device then install the Hue app.
    If you have already an app check by
    Go to Settings -> Software Update to see if there are any updates available.

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