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    Hi guys, sorry for my English, I’m Italian and I’m using google translate… In Italy we don’t have a good customer care for HUE, in a month I have not yet had adequate answers from contact service.

    I did all the possible tests imaginable:
    _deleted and reinstalled the application;
    _recovered the bridge hue;
    _changed the zigbee channels.

    I remember that I own a 2m Lighstrip Outdoor and a 5m Lighstrip Outdoor.
    The distance between the bridge and the first light will be 5 meters and also the distance between the first and second light.
    (I also tried to connect the bridge and the light in the same room with the same problem)

    I noticed a strange problem:
    _if the zigbee channel is set to number 11, the 2-meter Lightstrip is NOT reachable while the 5-meter channel YES.
    _if the zigbee channel is set to number 15, the 5m Lightstrip is NOT reachable while the 2m YES is.
    _if the zigbee channel is set on channel 20 or 25 both Lighstrips are NOT reachable.

    With the Philips HUE application when the writing under the name of the Lighstrip says NOT reachable:
    _I can turn all the lights on and off together via the room control (in this case garden).
    _I can change the colors of the lights using the preset scenarios.
    _ I CANNOT control them individually, they CANNOT turn on and off individually, I CANNOT change color individually (the one with the inscription NOT reachable).

    In a nutshell it is very strange that:
    _the lights are quietly found by the bridge.
    _the lights work well with the room and scenario controls. (even if NOT reachable)
    _the lights DO NOT work individually. (those with the writing NOT reachable based on the zigbee channel used)

    What should I do, please???

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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