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//Lights turning on/off by themselves
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  • Richard
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    I had this problem for a few days now. The hue lights would turn on and off by themselves. I called support and the asked if I had my lights connected to a wired dimmer. When I told him yes, he said that was my problem and I needed to have my lights on a regular on/off switch. Well, I did that and I still have the same problem. Does anyone know why my lights keep turning themselves on and off? I have never set my lights on a timer so I know that’s not the issue. If anyone has any ideas, please let me know. Thanks

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    How many lights are turning on and off? Is it all of them or only specific lights? Do they do the same thing in other fixtures?

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    It was all of them throughout the house. 17 total. I actually figured out how to fix the issue. 2 things were causing the problem: 1. On my router, it was named Phillips-hue. I renamed it to Philipshue without the dash. 2. I noticed that when the lights turned on by themselves, my router was reissuing a new IP address to my hue bridge, so I gave the bridge its own IP address that does not change, and poof, problem gone.

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    That’s awesome to hear that you resolved it, I will keep that in mind for future issues.

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    I have a similar issue. I just got home and turned on the lights in the room, A few minutes later after sitting down at my computer they all dimmed down to the dimmest red solor possible. I don’t know why, I didn’t touch my phone anything. Furthermore I don’t even have a solid RED scene for it to change to.

    No Idea what’s going on, but I’ve tried restarting my phone, factory resetting the bridge & uninstalling the app to no avail.

    WTF is going on?

    Rob D
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    I have the Phoenix Table lamp
    It will turn on at any given time. It started turning on in the middle of the night.
    I talked to support and they sent a new lamp. I plugged it in and 7 hours later it lit on its own.
    I called support, they’ve not a clue. Like they’ve never heard of the problem. My call was to be upgraded to engineering.
    I called a week later and the guy I need to talk to is in a meeting. Can you believe it? There is one guy! And he’s in a meeting.

    Sounds like I’m at the mercy of research and internet support from like minded people.
    I only have a few of these lights, and the others give me no problems.
    The light has been deleted and added back in the software.

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    I have 10 bulbs. 6 x BR-30 white ambiance bulbs, 2 x A19 color bulbs and 2 x plain white bulbs. Whenever I turn the lights off, they all come back on immediately after (1 or 2 seconds after turning them off). All the bulbs have the same behavior EXCEPT the 2 x plain white bulbs. Only these plain bulbs are responding properly to on/off commands. I’ve done everything possible but all to no avail. Any ideas what to do next?

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    @Richard .. i did what you said but still i got the same problem!

    @Dash .. i have the same problem … please lemme know if you got the solution please

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    I have experienced the same problem, but I have figure out that the problem originated from my Hue PIR
    I used the PIR (movement detector) to turn on light during the night when I needed to find my way to the bathroom πŸ™‚
    The turn off function I used during the night also work during the day so whenever the was no movement for some time the pedant turns off πŸ™

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    I had 3 bulbs that were constantly turning off by themselves. I tried moving them to different locations and still the same bulbs kept turning off. I finally deleted the 3 bulbs from the hue AP and rediscovered them one at a time. So far so good. Been about 12 hours and they are staying on

    Tom Sorcic
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    My problem has to do with recovery from power outages. I placed my Phillips Hue hub on an APC UPS to protect my investment. My problem comes when the power flickers or fails for any length of time. All of my controlled lights all turn on to max output. They will stay that way until I have the hub turn them off. A little experiment of the event does show that the hub recognizes that the lights are on after the event. I can see why the hub would leave a single light, that was cut from power by throwing a switch off and then later throwing it back on, would let the light stay on until told to turn it off. What I don’t understand is how the hub does not recognize that every light, regardless of room it is in, turns on within a few seconds and not treat that as a restoration of power and return the light to their last known setting that the hub remembers.

    It is a little frustrating to have the event occur at night while I’m sleeping or during the day when I’m gone and return home to find all my lights are lit and have been lit for an unspecified time.

    If you have a fix for this, that would be great. Love the product.

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    My lights go on every morning at 7:00am, which I had programmed in”my routines” when I first installed. I have deleted all roubtines, made sure there wasn’t a “wake up” schedule as well.
    Other posts are very complicated with router business,etc! It took a lot to get the system to work-hate to screw it up. I have a remote dimmer and Siri activated.
    Any ideas that are easy?

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    I’m having the same problem. I had two lights on yesterday while cleaning. All of a sudden they turned off, and I was left in the dark. Two days in a row now, the bedroom light turns on 100% at 7:00 AM! I just factory reset the bridge and set up everything from scratch. When I first set the system up, I’d created and deleted several tasks including a “Wake Up” task to fade on over an hour starting at 7:00 AM. This time I skipped that part. I’m hoping the factory reset resolves it. Not very hopeful after reading all these posts relating the same problem. I bought the White Ambiance starter kit with two bulbs and a dimmer switch. I have another bulb (same) arriving today. I hope I’m not going to be sorry I didn’t just buy the white kit!

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    Oh yes, re the router… I set the hub with a reserved IP, so my router is not changing the hub’s IP address on me.

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    seems that I have also a problem with the PIR… since I installed it, the lights turn of after a few minutes when they have been put on with a routine. Is it correct that the PIR routines to switch of after a certain time also work when the PIR is disabled (e.g. because of lights conditions)? I have put the PIR routine during the day as “no action” when movement is detected. Solution for this???

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