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//Lights turning on/off by themselves
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  • Jamie Thomas
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    I performed a bridge cleanup as described above and, yet, my bulbs are still going on and off without any external intervention. I have NO routines, NO motion detectors and nothing else interacting with the bulbs that could offer an explanation as to why this is happening. WTF?!!!

    I’m beyond frustration with the fact that they don’t stay on when I want them to no matter how many times I turn them on during the day and they wake me up several times per night by going on when I don’t want them to.

    Please help! I’m going mad!

    I am ready to trash the whole mess.

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    I have just 3 lights which I enjoyed at first but now they are just a pain switchng on and off randomly, most annoying is the middle of the night which wakes me. Of course I can switch them off but that defeats having them. Not impressed.

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    I have 19 Hue lights. they randomly slowly dim all at the same time and turn off. If I interrupt the dimming process with alexa…(“alexa turn all the light up to 100%”) it happens but alexa responds with “I’m not sure what happened”… I have cleared all routines and have changes zigbee channels uninstalled all lights and reinstalled.. pretty weird.. any thoughts on what I should try next. I guess I should be thankful that they are not coming on by themselves.

    Evan Diamond
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    I am experiencing my lights dimming and turning on/off too. Not sure what is causing this, nothing has changed in my setup.

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    I have a Hue floor lamp which turns off and on randomly – I’ve deleted it from the Hue app, and re-added it, but the issue still happens. Any quick fix for this?

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    I have a Br30 (front door Light) and 3 bulbs that are grouped together (ceiling light). Both are on my 1st floor. I also have a bulb on my 2nd floor. Periodically I have woken up and noticed that both lights on the 1st floor are on. I no definitively that they were turned off when I went to sleep.

    Does anyone know why they are turning on by themselves?

    J.D. Kirkman
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    Same issue, got 10 A-19’s and every now and then they just turn on, dim, and turn off for no reason.

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    I have one bulb in the bedroom and comes on and goes off all the time on it own and have no idea why. anyone have a fix for this?

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    My hue lights just keep turning themselves on in the middle of the night and random times throughout the day. I thought these lights were supposed to be energy efficient but I don’t see how that could be when they just turn themselves on when they are not needed. How can I resolve this issue? I have 5 lightbulbs on one bridge and they are all the color changing ones.

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    Same as others, six bulbs that all have a habit of dimming themselves, then turning off. Adjusting bridge settings, running cleanup, changing zigbee channels, nothing prevents it.

    It’s way too much of a money sink for it to be such an inconvenience.

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    I’m having the same issues – lights turning on and changing scenes by themselves. I’ve been troubleshooting for the last couple of days and noticed that only the lights associated with the hue wireless dimmer switch are having these issues. I changed everything that I could think off – bridge/cleanup/zigbee channel and nothing solves the issue.
    I noticed that when the bulbs change state (from off to on or changing scenes) the hue dimmer switch will turn the green led like if the button on the switch was touched. Sometimes it blinks fast and blinks some orange light and sometimes just one green blink. After this happens the switch doesn’t work well until I reset it – it won’t let me turn off the bulbs, but I can still change scene and dim up, not dim down.
    I’m trying to fix these issues but until now, no luck!

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    I was about to post my complaints here as well, but given the ratio of complaints to Hue Tech Support responses, I’ll use the time to clean my dishwasher drain instead.

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    This is a bit of a joke really! At the price of these bulbs and not one reply from support.

    I too have the issue of my bulbs randomly dimming themselves and also turning on by themselves in the middle of the night. What’s the point with having smart lights that sent really that smart?

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    I seem to have found the issue(maybe).

    Log into the hue app(I did it on my ios device)
    Go to Hue Bridges
    Tap the info ‘i’
    Select ‘Clean up’

    I read some developers notes about this issue and it might be that if you’ve updated your network infrastructure recently or recently changed a device name or ID, the bridge may have duplicate devices thus it might receive an extra command when you issue one or something like that. it seems to have fixed the randomly turning off or dimming by itself. I’ll update here if it starts acting up again.

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    And just like that it turned off as soon as I posted. I’ve now tried setting a static IP for it, as I’ve heard that it can occur when your router reissues an IP address. Just switched off DHCP and we’ll see if that does it.

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