Lights turning on/off by themselves

//Lights turning on/off by themselves
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    Nope. Now I’ve cleared all of my automation from the apple homekit stuff and waited for about twenty minutes to see if it’s gonna shut off again. so far so good.

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    13lueChicken: If your fix has been successful, would you PLEASE post simple instructions for “setting a static IP?” I am not a computer geek and do not know how to do this. I’m willing to bet many of the people who are here looking for help are also scratching their heads and wondering how this is done. Thank you!

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    Hi All,
    I have just one HUE white bulb in a 5 fixture wall unit in my Bathroom. I actually have this setup in two bathrooms. But only my master bathroom HUE bulb will turn off then back on when we have the lights on in the bathroom. I have multiple HUE color and white bulbs throughout my house and this is the only one that turns off and on randomly when the lights are on in the mater bathroom. The fixture has 4 standard LED Phillips bulbs in it along with the HUE White. Same setup in the guest bathroom, but that HUE white doesn’t turn off and on, Has anyone seen this?


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    One light out of 11 immediately fades to lowest intensity after turning on. Started after adding a new color bulb and updating the system. I don’t understand what ppl are talking about when they refer to a dedicated IP and working with the router. I’d like to try one of these fixes but I don’t understand what you all are doing. Can someone please try to spell out the process? Thank you.

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    I agree, Louise. I don’t understand…. Hope someone will take the time to clarify…

    Steve m
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    Mine does the exact same thing after a power surge.

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    Hi there

    I might be able to shed some light on this.

    I have had a routine on my Hue bridge for sometime now for when we are out of the house. We recently found that between the same time frame while we were in the house certain light bulbs would turn themselves on and off. The timeframe match the routine for when we were away however the routine was disabled.

    I found this blogged and read through some of the advice and found it didn’t really fix the problem. While this problem was present I had a separate bulb fail – flickering and getting hotter than the sun so contacted their support. In the diagnosis process, they taught me how to reset a bulb back to factory settings using a dimmer – this only proved the bulb was dead so needed to be replaced. I tried the process on the random light flickering and I am one week without the problem.

    So I recommend trying the following steps. Read first.

    1. Ensure all Routines and third party bits are disabled or deleted
    2. Disable the Out of home control
    3. Reset the bridge and leave for 10mins
    4. Clean up the Bridge (In the Philips Hue app > Settings > Hue Bridges > Clean up and leave for 10mins
    5. With a Hue dimmer switch, find an affected bulb, point the remote at the bulb (within a few cm) and hold ON & OFF buttons for 10-15 seconds until the light flashes a few times and the green LED on the remote flashes
    6. Repeat the dimmer remote process on all the bulbs affects
    7. You will now have duplicate bulbs in the Alexa/Philips apps so you will have to remove the old reference bulbs (you could do this in advance of course) and rename the new bulbs

    I am monitoring the situation and will be reintroducing the out of home control first before recreating the routine (If it comes back I will report back to this forum).

    Hope that helps and comment if it helped.


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    I purchased 3 Hue play bars (connected to one power plug) which were working well before I mounted the 3 play bars hue play bar to my tv (behind the TV with the mounts supplied) now the 3 lights switch on and off intermittently. The three are connected to one power plug and I have tested them with another play plug still the same on and off and to another power connection…no joy. I have disconnected 1, and 2 of the bars and the connected one/s still switch on an off I reset the hub to factory settings no difference, I uninstalled the app no difference …my other hue lights (huego and bulbs) are fine PLEASE HELP its driving me insane

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