major problem with routines 'routinely' being missed

//major problem with routines 'routinely' being missed
major problem with routines 'routinely' being missed 2017-10-30T22:03:46+00:00

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  • poopypants
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    every day I have routines being missed. I rarely had this problem with the version 1 app, but with the version 2 app its every day (and no there have been no changes to my wireless setup. None. Zilch. Nada. Forget about it). The major problem is, if a routine is missed, THERE IS NO WAY TO RUN THE ROUTINE, or turn it ‘on’. Sure, you can turn on the lights manually, and manually set the color scheme, but if the routine includes turning off the lights, then one must ALSO MANUALLY turn off the lights for every routine that does not turn on. It is becoming VERY tiresome. Why is there no way to ‘turn on’ a routine? Especially in ‘light’ of the fact that missing routines seems to be a pastime for this new app. I think the only answer is to go back to version 1 of the app, or more ridciculously: make multiple backup routines for every action I set up (pretty absurd). But mostly I wanted to log this complaint in case anyone at Phillips has a job description that includes “customer satisfaction.” Fingers crossed.

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    Same issue here with most recent update. My routines rarely work, maybe 5-10% of the time now. Did not have a problem until the most recent updates. This defeats the whole purpose of my buying into the Hue system.

    Let’s hope someone is paying attention and this gets fixed ASAP.

    Brian Saghy
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    Same here. I just bought the Hue system for wake-up routines. It might work once or twice a week!
    This is super unreliable and frustrating. Imagine if an alarm clock only worked 10% of the time!

    I’m using Android. Latest app installed, hub and bulbs are all at the latest version. Turning on/off bulbs manually works fine and reliably, so it doesn’t seem like a connection issue.
    Please fix this or I’m sending it all back!

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    Similar issue. Hue keeps forgetting the away routine each day

    In the dark
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    Same here – it was pretty reliable for about 10 months then started missing simple routines like turning the lights off. I switched zigbee channels a few times. Hard reset the hub and rebuilt the config + powered everything off. Now some of the closest bulbs fail to turn off – like 10 feet from the hub so I doubt that it’s interference. I have a V2 hub and 4 white bulbs – it can’t get much simpler than that…

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    Since the last update this problem is persistent. Whereas it used to work like a charm, since the last weeks, my wake up routines (morning and evening) decide to initiate randomly. Home & away switches off and on whenever the app feels like it. All i want is a simple routine, in the morning light go on and after a couple of hours off, and the same routine in the evening.

    Now, it works, and it doesnt work. I am a bit tired of this as there is no logic to it. Cleaned my hub several times, deleted, redefined the routines over and over again, but nothing seems to work. Clock is also completely off. It has become the weakest link in my house, and it is supposed to be the simplest product (compared to my home automation setup, which works like a charm).

    I am very close of dismantling this hue shit as if there is something i hate, it is unreliable stuff. Especially as when SWMBO keeps saying “why dont they work”, “please change back to whatever scene”. So much for automated lights!

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    Also having this problem after the update…. routines are not turning on at all. Connectivity seems to be fine though, and everything works great manually. But I am with you all in that this is what we bought into this system- automation!

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    I have the same problem since the up grade to version 2. All the routines don’t work now. Why change things when they were working perfectly before on version 1. So annoying hope This is sorted out soon especially;;y as the system is not cheap.

    Annoyed in Hull
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    Also finding the same! I have an Amazon Echo, Nest cameras and Nest protect etc, and a Phillips Hub with three colour changing bulbs in the house, I also have about six TP-Link smart plugs around the house. Everything was working fine, all connected up, routines such as waking up, arriving at the house and leaving were all working fine. Then I had to change my broadband provider and got a new wifi router installed. Of course the whole system fell apart and was an absolute nightmare to try to get it all up and running again, but I more or less got there with it all and it all seemed to be working fine but now, for reasons I simply can’t understand, my routines don’t operate my Phillips hue bulbs, Amazon Echo says she can’t recognise devices or that there are multiple devices or rooms with the same names, the lights don’t reliably come on when wanted either for home and away routines or for waking up, or for scenes. I can’t seem to figure out what to do but I’m thinking of taking all the Phillips stuff back but it’s supposed to be automated and ‘smart’ and simply isn’t doing what it was purchased to do. If anyone has any ideas I’d be very grateful because I’m tearing my hair out over it!

    Robin Skitt
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    Have just invested a considerable amount of money especially so that I could set up routines to automatically Ruth lights on and off. The routines run Once and then the app automatically switches off the routine…so annoying and I’m having to go back to manual timers.. what’s the answer please Phillips

    Leslie Edmondson
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    I see posts about routine issues, but no responses. I’m using the sunrise and sunset feature which sometimes does not change me on at all. Would appreciate som help from HUE.

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    I am having the same issue with missed routines. I just installed the bulbs a few months ago. The routines worked without issue for a few weeks, but now routines will randomly get skipped.

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    Ive joined the not so exclusive club with Routine issues. Has anyone heard from Phillips Hue about resolution? I was the biggest fan of these lights and system and told everyone. Now sharing the problems with just as much passion.

    Bernadette kish
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    Routines not working. I bought the lights to set up routines for security while away from home.
    Please fix.

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    Well……does anyone EVER respond??????????
    I just started having the same issue

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