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    Fist post, searched and no answer about my problem on previous posts.

    I just noticed this past weekend that I’m unable to play Dolby Atmos tracks.

    Using in LG B9 (2019) native apps: Netflix, Amazon prime video, apple tv.

    apple TV don’t have any sound, not Atmos not even 5.1

    My set is:
    Xbox One X + Nintendo Switch + Cable Box
    connected to an Onkyo TX-NR797
    Onkyo output 1 to Sync Box HDMI 1
    Sync Box output to LG HDMI 2 input ARC (using the SB HDMI cable provided)

    all my HDMI cables are new and are certified purchased last May.

    When I select any of the apps mentioned I’m unable to get Dolby Atmos sound.

    Previously the Sync Box everthing worked flawless, obviously Onkyo is set and configured for a 7.1.2, I got my Onkyo last May.

    Xbox One S does Dolby Atmos without problem for Blu-ray 4K discs and apps (Netflix and amazon prime video).

    I have tried alredy changing my HDMI soureces direct to Sync Box then to TV, USB cable to TV, changing the input when using sources over the Onkyom sme resulto NO Atmos sound.

    HUE apps and devices up to date.

    The other situation is about CEC, previously the Sync Box mi TV turned ON the AVR once TV goes ON, now I need to tun it ON manually/IR remote.

    Thanks for your help.

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    I solved it myself.

    After 5 hours of in detail review to VR and TV settings I found out that LG B9 Sound settings over ARC must be at PCM, Auto and Passthrough didn’t work, why this was changed after SB installtion I dont have a clue.

    Now all LG native apps work again with Atmos Tracks.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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