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    From my Reddit post:

    After the latest update to the PC version of Hue Synch, it can’t find my bridge. Note that yes, I double checked everything, on same network, etc etc etc. Even tried manually entering the IP address. Note that my phone sees the bridge just fine; connection to my Echo is rock solid, can use phone to control lights, etc etc etc. Even tried rebooting my router. I don’t want to reset the bridge and lose all of my settings when I am pretty sure it’s a software issue on their side. I even tried doing a clean reinstall, complete with registry scrub–nothing.

    So…anyone have a link where I can download an older version of Synch for PC? Windows 10 Pro 64 bit. Very frustrated.

    Judging from some other threads, it may have something to do with the latest NVIDIA updates, and/or their overlay, but have tried every permutation of that also with no luck. Help please? Thanks.

    PS Philips had been helping me via FB chat, but dropped off when their standard back of the envelope pat solutions didn’t work.

    EDIT: Actually reset my bridge; showing last update of 6.16.20 on update, showing no updates available.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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