Solution for taking a shower in a bath with hue motion sensor?

//Solution for taking a shower in a bath with hue motion sensor?
Solution for taking a shower in a bath with hue motion sensor? 2017-09-20T12:53:27+00:00

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  • Dietmar
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    I use the hue motion sensor for triggering the light in the bathroom.

    My problem is, when someone is taking a shower, the sensor does not recognize a movement and so it switches the lights off and you are showering in the dark.

    I looked for an option the deactivate the sensor temporarily (without using the app for switching the sensor on and off), but I could not find one.

    I also contacted philips and they suggested me a developer function. But that did not work either.

    I tried it with a stringify-time-loop, but that did not work.

    Does anyone here have an idea how to solve this?


    Peter Griffin
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    Hi Dietmar,
    if you have issue using the motion sensor in your bathroom try this :

    Stop taking shower !!!

    See you !


    Jon Stephenson
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    Simply increase the lamp on time? If the shower curtain is blocking movement sensing then I don’t think there is much else you can do.

    Gary Cordingley
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    You could try using one of the hue labs apps but that may restrict when you take a shower , make your own window I think it’s calkef threes a charm

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    Did anyone find a solution for this? We just got the sensor for the bathroom and we’re having this issue as well. It’s quite annoying when you invest all this money in fancy lights and there’s no solutions for these issues, so you realize the old regular light bulb was better.

    Temporary fixes we thought of:
    – set the “turn off” period for longer than usual — temporary, we would have to change settings every day before / after we take a shower
    – screw the sensor onto the ceiling, so that it has a range of the whole bathroom — might work? haven’t tried yet

    Freeman Pears
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    I have been having the same problem,

    It is very annoying I wish that you could change what happens during the different time zones (day and night). Or I could put when you go to the bathroom in the morning keep the lights on for longer. Putting the lights on for a longer all ofthe time Would work but then every time I use the bathroom that would be happening which would kind of be counterproductive

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    Hey, I just saw these questions as I was looking up a related item, and I have a few solutions.

    Under the Hue app, go to “explore” and then “Philips Hue Labs.” There you will find a number of sweet modifications to download for your devices. Here are some which would work for your problem. I don’t recall the exact names, but you will see them as you scroll through the list (list isn’t terribly long). I’ll call them “Labs”

    1. Use the Lab which makes your motion sensor ONLY trigger for lights that are set to OFF. Then use tap/Dimmer/voice/app to turn the bathroom lights ON when showering, and off when done. You could even set them on a timer. Once they are turned back off, your motion sensor will function as usual. While the lights are set to ON (showering), they will not shut off due to no motion.

    2. Use a second motion sensor and the Lab which makes two sensors function together. Set on sensor such that it is looking down over the shower area (just do not spray with water directly). This Lab will turn on the lights when EITHER sensor sees motion, but it will only turn off the associated lights when BOTH sensors no longer detect motion.

    3. Use the Lab which will ‘hold’ s scene or lighting configuration until either a set timer expires, or until the hold function is turned off. This may (for anyone with kids or a jokester husband like me), also prove useful if someone likes to turn your bathroom lights off on you when (heh) … indisposed.

    4. Use the Lab which will only use the motion sensor function if ALL the lights associated with the sensor are currently OFF. Then, associate another light (perhaps a closet light) with the sensor. Turn on the closet light (using a Dimmer/app etc when taking a shower, and the sensor will not turn off the lights until the closet light is off.

    If none of these are to your liking, I believe there were a few others on there which may work for you. Take a look!

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    As I said before Hue labs do a app called three times a charm where you can set the motion sensor up to three different settings time on etc the only problem is you would have to set the on longer setting to a time zone when you are going to have shower or you may want it to stay on for 15 mins etc at a particular time between 2100- 2300 for example then either side of that time have it come on for maybe 5 mins this will unfortunately restrict you to taking a shower st a given time hope this helps

    Eric foust
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    Ever think of adding a humidity sensor so that if the humidity reaches a high point it will keep the light on?

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    The trick I have found is placement. If you place the sensor just right, the lights will not turn off during shower time.
    I will try post a pic of my placement when after I get home.

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