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//Trouble with Hue and IFTTT
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  • The Turttle
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    Thank you Ian Butters – IFTTT sees my lights now.

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    I got the same message “Problem accessing your lights” and I followed Ian’s suggestion. Went to Services but it already says Active. I then clicked on Edit connection and logged in to my account. That was needed to fix the issue. I then added a new applet with no problem assigning my room(s).

    Dana Jones
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    I finally fixed mine!

    1. Download the Phillips Hue app from the app store.
    2. Be sure your bridge is on/conncected to the internet & lights are on
    3. Click on update bridge (green button) in the Phillips Hue app
    4. After your bridge is updated, test your lights from the Phillips Hue app
    5. Close all IFFT apps and open it up, try again

    I think the issue was the bridge not being updated.

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    Go to iftt app, go to services, select hue, go to settings, edit settings, it will say active. Then re try setting up your applet. I had the same issue and this fixed the problem. Hope this works for you!

    Michael A Skinner
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    Erm sorry to be a nuisance bu in the IFTTT app that i have there isn’t a service loction that i can access to find Hue anyone guide me through please?

    Michael A Skinner
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    Have checked again in the app and i do not even have a settings tab am i in a diffferent universe?

    James Barr
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    I am able to see my lights, but not able to see my scenes, any ideas with this

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    this iftt is worthless and full of bugs and crap everything is turned on in the ifttt s/w and it still does not work it only worked one time only
    anybody knows

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    I am trying to create an IFTTT recipe for my Philips Hue light by my bed. I want to rotate all colors except the blues to help me sleep (it’s an experiment). I have an Amazon Echo (Plus and Dot) and no Philips Hue Hub, so there is no button to push, so I can’t access the HUE IFTTT action to change the color.
    Now what?
    From what I’ve read here even if I get past this I will probably have problems connecting to my light 🙁

    Liz Harrington
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    I have 2 locations with a Hue bridge and Echo (and some Dots) in each. All works fine at the first location with Hue bridge and Echo knows scenes and changes colors. I also use IFTTT for different triggers on lights (blink when rain, blink when timer ready…). I added a second bridge at a 2nd location (different wifi). On my mobile app I see the 2 bridges and can turn on/off lights and change colors as long as I am on the same WiFi as bridge I want to control. Lights on the 2nd bridge turn on / off with Alexa. Good so far. But I can not get the Alexa to recognize colors (scenes). It never discovers new scenes on 2nd bridge. Tried discover on devices and scenes and pressed hub. Anyone else have 2 locations with issue like this.

Viewing 10 posts - 16 through 25 (of 25 total)

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