How to Update your Philips Hue System

//How to Update your Philips Hue System
How to Update your Philips Hue System 2017-01-21T12:32:24+00:00

How to Update your Philips Hue System

Overtime your Philips hue system with have application, bridge firmware, and light firmware updates.

For application updates you will want to check the app store if your device is IOS or the Google play store if it is android.

Bridge firmware updates that done through the Philips hue application when you connect to your hue bridge, it ill give you a pop up if there is an update available and install.

Your Philips hue bulbs and lights will update automatically through the hue application. To ensure that they receive an update, please make sure your hue lights are powered on by the light switch (the light can be switch off in the hue app) and is left in the on position for more than 24 hours. To also help assist with updates, make sure your bridge is linked to your account.

Here is a tool that can you can use to check for updates, to use this you will need to be using a device that is on the same network as the hue bridge.

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