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Philips Hue FAQ

Here you can find answers to the most common Philips hue questions.

The Philips hue bulbs can not be used on any type of dimmer except for the Philips hue wireless dimmer. It does not matter if the dimmer is all the way up or not, it can still cause issues. If you use your bulbs on a dimmer it can permanently damage the bulb, cause it to flicker, or fail early and will not be covered by Philips warranty.

If you purchase a hue starter kit in the US the bulbs will be 110-130v, so you would not be able to use these in a country that only supports 220v. It will cause the bulbs to fail early or flicker.

Once the lightstrip plus is cut you can not reattach the piece that was cut off or extend it.

If you want a Hue Lightstrip or Lightstrip Plus to change colors, you need a hue bridge. Without a bridge the strip will come on the default white color but you will not be able to control it in anyway.

You only need internet if you want to use your hue system away from home. Other wise you would just need a router and a either an IOS or Android device with the hue app on the wireless network from that router to use it. The 3rd or globe light on the bridge will always be flashing if you do not have an internet connection.

The Bloom and Iris both remember their last state, so if you turned it off in the hue app and unplugged the light and plugged it back in, it will cycled through the colors and go back to its last state which was off. If you are unable to control your light, then it just disconnected from the bridge and you can follow the bulb connectivity guide to reconnect it.

All Philips hue bulbs and lights are designed for indoor use only.

You can have up to 50 Hue lights on your bridge, this does not include accessories like the Hue Tap, Hue Wireless Dimmer, or Hue Motion Sensor.

This question is difficult to answer because it can vary depending on how many scenes, routines, or third party apps may be taking up the total amount of Rules the bridge has available. In most cases you can have a combination of up to 12 different devices without issues.

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