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//Hue Light Switch & Motion Sensor
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Hue Tap and Wireless Dimming Switch

There are two different kinds of light switches for you Philips hue System, the Hue Tap and the new Hue Wireless Dimmer Switch.

The Hue Tap is completely wireless and does not take batteries, it uses kinetic energy of the button click to generate the power to use it. The Hue Tap has 4 buttons that are programmable using the Philips hue app to activate scenes and power off specific or all lights.

The Hue wireless dimmer does take a battery and it is included. It also has a wall plate that the dimmer attached to with magnets. The wall plate can be mounted using included tape, screws, or a magnetic surface. It can control up to 10 lights on its own or control specific lights or scenes when added to your Hue Bridge.

There is a limit to how many taps, dimmers, and motion sensors you can have on your hue bridge You can have a combination of both taps and dimmers until you reach the rules limit. In the new hue application you will get an error message stating that the bridge is full once you reach or try to go above the limit.

Hue Motion Sensor

The Hue Motion Sensor can power on up to 3 different rooms to a scene at a time and when it does not detect motion for up to 60 minutes it will power the lights of. The motion sensor will override whatever your lights are set to either in the app or with another device. You can have the sensor do different things depending on what time of the day it is, for example in between 8am and 12pm you can have your lights come on Energize, but from 12pm to 8am you can have the lights come on Nightlight.

Hue Wireless Dimmer Switch

Technical Specifications:

Connect up to 12 Philips Hue dimmer switches to your Hue Bridge
CR2450 battery included
Battery lifetime minimal 3 years
Wireless protocol: Zigbee Light Link (ZLL), IEEE 802.15.4
Frequency band: 2.4GHz (2400 – 2483.5 MHz)
Signal range: At least 39.3 ft, depending on local circumstances
Weight remote: 1.3 oz
Weight remote including wall plate: 2.4 oz
Dimensions wall plate: H:4.5in W:2.76in D:0.55 inch
Remote size: H:3.6in W:1.38 in D:0.43 inch
50.000 click lifetime
Software upgradable when connected to the Philips Hue bridge


Temperature (operation): 23 – 104°F
Relative humidity: 5…95% non-condensing

Hue Tap Switch

Technical Specifications:

Connect up to 25 Philips Hue Tap switches to your Hue Bridge
Power: Works without batteries: kinetic energy provided by your button touch
Wireless protocol: Zigbee Green Power, IEEE 802.15.4
Frequency band: 2.4GHz (2400–2483.5 MHz)
Signal range: 49.2–98.4 ft, depending on local circumstances
Weight: 3.17 oz
Dimensions: 2.95 inch in diameter, 0.98 inch in height
Number of configurable buttons: 4
Lifetime: 50,000 clicks
Mounting: Detachable remote control or wall mountable

Operating temperature: 32 – 104°F

Operational humidity: 0% < H < 80%(non condensing)

Hue Motion Sensor

Technical Specifications:

Daylight sensor: Passive InfraRed (PIR) with adjustable sensitivity
Detection angle: 100 degrees
Detection range: Average 5 meter – 16.4 feet
Reaction time: Immediate (less than 0.5 s)
Connection: Zigbee Light Link
Batteries: 2 x AAA alkaline batteries (included)
Battery life: 2-3 years
Mounting positions: Free standing or mounted
Dimensions: 5.5 x 5.5 x 2 cm – 2.17 x 2.17 x 0.79 inch
IP rating: IP42
Guarantee: 2 years
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