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*  All Hue Lightstrips and Lightstrip Plus require a Philips Hue Bridge to change the color and control them.

Hue Lightstrip Plus 2nd Gen – Extendable up to 33ft


The Hue Lightstrip and Lightstrip Plus have 3M mounting tap pre-applied to the back of the strip. This tape will not adhere to all surfaces so you may need to purchase stronger double sided mounting tape for your specific application or surface you are trying to stick your lightstrip to. The tape on the lightstrip is not covered by Philips warranty, so if your lightstrip no longer sticks, you can find another type of mounting tape to re-attached your hue lightstrip.

Cutting the Lightstrip

You can cut the lightstrip to make it shorter but only on the scissor icons along the strip, they appear about every 1ft along the strip. The piece that is cut off is no longer functional and can not be reattached. Do not cut the strip while it is powered on.

If you cut the strip anywhere besides the scissor icons the leds will no longer function properly. If you cut it while it is powered on, it will short out and will no longer function properly. Any physical moderation to the Philips hue lightstrip voids the warranty.

The Lightstrip Plus can be cut every 13 inches and the Hue Lightstrip Gen 1 can be cut every 4 inches.

Hue Lightstrip Plus 2nd Gen 1m Extension

Hue Lightstrip Gen 1 – Not Extendable

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