• How do you troubleshoot when a routine is created for a light to turn on and off at certain times, but that does not happen. I have E36 White Lamp on the porch that will turn on and off from the app without a problem. However, when the time comes to turn on, nothing.


  • I have a couple of Hue lights that are giving me a problem.

    They are programmed to turn on at 7:00 and off at 9:00. The problem is, if I try to turn them back on from the wall switch after 9:00 (or before 7:00), they won’t come on. I have to turn them on from the app. One light is an E6 White and Color and the other is an E26 White Lamp. They…[Read more]

  • I have several (12) BR30 down lights installed in my condo. When I bought them I was told that the Echo Plus can do it and I don’t need a Bridge. So I tried. The lights seem to work with the Echo Plus…sort of.

    I can’t find all of the lights in the Alexa app after trying many times. Also, the Echo is inconsistent in the operation, sometime abl…[Read more]

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