Philips released a new version of both the Hue A19 and Hue BR30 bulbs. The hue A19 is now 800 lumens compared to the old 600. If you already own the old hue bulbs, you may have noticed colors like teal and green are not very vibrant, this has been enhanced with the new version of the hue bulbs. The hue BR30 bulbs are still 630 lumens but have the same color accuracy improvements as the hue A19. These new bulbs remain the same retail price of $59.99. The old bulbs price has been reduced to $49.99 at some retailers.

The new Hue Lux bulb is now 800 lumens as opposed to the old bulbs that were 750 lumens. This bulb still only produces 2700K, but is still controllable from the Philips hue application so you can dim this light or add it to scenes and alarms.