Philips Hue App Update 2.8

//Philips Hue App Update 2.8

Philips Hue App Update 2.8

A Hue application update was released today that allows you to change all the lights in a room to the same color and moved the settings icon with the other hue options. Here are the official patch notes.


IOS and Android Hue App 2.8.0:

New stuff

  • Set the entire room to a specific color by tapping the room icon! Just like you can with an individual light.

Improved stuff:

  • Create a scene from your current light settings from the “plus” button in the scenes tab of a room.
  • No longer will you need to detach your finger to reach the settings icon! You can now find the settings in the tab bar.
  • Adding new rooms or reshuffling your lights? Now Siri & HomeKit automatically learn about new rooms, lights, scenes and update them automatically.
  • Using widgets or Hue accessories? We’ve now made it easier for you to select your entire home.
  • Various bug fixes and stability improvements.


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