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Philips Hue Lightstrip Plus Accessories

The Lightstrip Plus can be a great addition to just about any area of your home however each location is different and you may need something to make it all work while looking great.

Important things to remember about the Hue Lightstrip Plus

  • Fragile – Be careful not to bend or flex your strip too far or it can permanently damage it
  • Cutting – You can cut the Lightstrip but ONLY on the  scissor icon that and make sure it is unplugged before cutting
  • It is not water proof and should only be used indoors

Lightstrip Plus Specifications:

  • Lightstrip Plus is 2M in length
  • 1600 Lumens
  • Extendable up to 33ft/10m
  • Power Adapter is 24v
  • 20.5w LED
  • Functional White Light and 16 Million Different Colors
  • Can cut every 12.9in on scissor icon


W: 0.57in
H: 0.19in
L:  78.7in
Cord Length: 8Ft

How to Extend your Lightstrip Plus

There are a couple of different ways you may need to extend your lightstrip, either lighted with LEDs or non lights for bridging a gap that you don’t want lights on.

Philips Hue Lightstrip Plus 1M Extension

Using the 1M extensions from Philips you can extend your Hue Lightstrip  Plus up to a total of 10m or 33ft.

  • 800 Lumens per extension
  • Can cut on scissor icon to make shorter

Non-Lighted Extension Cable

Non lighted extension cables are great for bridging a gap in between cabinets for example where you don’t want light.

  • Extend your strip with 1M extensions
  • Maximum total lightstrip length with extensions is 33ft/10m

How to Shorten your Lightstrip Plus

To make your lightstrip Plus shorter you can cut it on the scissor icon along the strip that appears every 12.9in. If you decide to cut your lightstrip the piece cut off will no longer work and can not be re-attached, you will also no longer have the option to extend the strip. Please make sure you unplug the lightstrip before you cut it.

This also applies to the Philips Lightstrip Plus 1M Extension.

Mounting your Lightstrip

Here are a couple of things you could use to mount your lightstrip. For best results you should mount your lightstrip where the LEDs are not in direct line of sight, for instance behind a TV can provide a great wall wash.

Mounting Tape

The Lightstrip Plus comes with 3M mounting take already attached to it, however it may not stick in every application or over time may need to be replaced. For instance mounting a lightstrip to the back of your TV can eventually fall off because of the heat generated by your TV. This 3M mount tape is a bit stronger and may be better for your application. It is best applied after removing the existing tape on the lightstrip and applied with a warmer temperature.


Mounting your lightstrip inside of a channel can be used as a great alternative to tape and add a much cleaner look. Most U-Channels also include a plastic diffuser that slides over the LEDs so that the light won’t be as direct.

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