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Home and Away

In the new Philips hue application home and away is a feature for turning your lights on and off either manually or automatically when you leave home. This feature was called Geofencing in the generation 1 hue application.

To use this feature you will need a hue account with your bridge linked to it, follow this link to setup your account if you have not already done this: https://my.meethue.com/en-us/

You will need to sign into your Philips hue account first, so tap on the More tab. If it already says Logged in, skip this step.

Login with your email and password your created at meethue.com. It may ask you if you trust this application, press yes and continue.

Now that you are logged into your hue account in the hue application, select the Routines menu at the bottom of your screen to get to Home & Away

We will setup what being at Home does first.

Select Turn On to select which rooms you want to come on when you are at home. You can select up to 4 rooms total.

Once you have selected your rooms, make sure you press Save on the top right and it will return you to the Home & Away menu.

Now under Leaving Home you can select which rooms you want to turn off when you are away.

You can select up to 4 rooms that will turn off when you are away. Once you have selected them make sure you press Save in the top right hand corner.

How to Use Home & Away

Now that you have configured what you want home and away to do, there are two different ways to use it.

Manually Change Home & Away

Under the Room, Routines, or More menu you will notice the words Home/Away at the top of the page. If you select the word that is there it will toggle you in between both your Home and Away settings.

Automatically Change using your devices GPS

Under the Home and Away settings there is an option to enable Location Aware. This will use your devices GPS to determine if you are home or not to set your lights.

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