How to Add a Hue Dimmer

//How to Add a Hue Dimmer
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How to Add a Hue Dimmer to your Hue System

To add your Hue dimmer to your hue system, open your Philips hue application and tap on the gear icon on the top right to open the settings menu.

First select Switch Setup.

Press the Plus sign button on the bottom right hand corner.

Select the Dimmer Switch icon on the right.

Select Option 1 to add your dimmer. Option 2 is for if you paired all of your lights to the dimmer individually and want to add the dimmer plus lights at the same time.

Pull the clear plastic tab that is hanging out of the battery door to enable the battery.

You will need a paper clip to press in the small pinhole button which will put the dimmer in setup mode. Press in the pinhole button for 1 second, then orange light on the front will blink every two seconds if it is ready to be paired. If it is blinking press the LED Blinking button to start searching for the dimmer.

Once your bridge finds you dimmer you are ready for setup!

How to Setup your Hue Dimmer

First you will need to select which rooms you want your dimmer to control, you can only select two rooms per dimmer.

After you have selected which rooms, make sure you press the Done button on the top right.

The dimmers On button can perform 5 different functions,  first you need to assign a scene or light recipe for each button press. Each button press can control the two rooms you selected at a time, repeatedly pressing the on button cycles through each function.

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