How to Add a Hue Tap

//How to Add a Hue Tap
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How to Add a Hue Tap

The Hue Tap is a 4 button wireless and batteryless switch for Philips Hue. Each button can either turn on or off a scene providing a physical alternative to controlling your hue lights. Follow the guide below to get started using your Hue Tap.

Open Your Philips Hue Application and Select the Gear icon on the top left to access the settings menu.

Select the Hue Tap icon on the left.

Now press and hold for 10 seconds the button it tells you to on the screen. The button will be different every time you connect a new Hue Tap. Make sure you press down hard enough to where the Tap makes a click sound.

Once it finds your Hue Tap it, select it on the screen to configure the buttons.

Here you can choose what rooms and scenes the Tap will do for each button. Tap on the button on the screen to assign a function to it. You can choose up to 3 rooms for each button to control at one time.

After you have selected which rooms the button will control, you can then select which scene will activate when that button is pressed. After you are finished, make sure you press the Save button on the top right.

After you have saved your settings, press the buttons on your tap until you feel the click. If they are not doing what you wanted them to, keep configuring what your buttons do until it does what you want.

Troubleshooting your Hue Tap

The hue tap uses a zigbee transmitter like your bulbs, make sure you are within a few feet of your bridge and are pressing down the button all the way until it clicks and hold it for 10 or 12 seconds.

The tap by default has a few commands added to it, if it is not responding or says “Unreachable” try going to Settings/Hue Bridge/i  and Zigbee. Press change channel, it will take about 30 seconds then it will ask you to continue to reconnect your tap. Here it will then ask you to hold a button on the tap for 10 seconds to reconnect it. After the 10 seconds try pressing buttons to confirm it works again.

If your tap is not doing the commands you want, you may need to adjust the room or scene that is set to the taps buttons from the Home page. After you have made sure your scenes are doing what you want, then go back to Settings/Accessory Setup and select your Tap. Select each button on the screen to select a room and scene and make sure you save it on the top right.

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