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How to add and Setup a Hue Motion Sensor 2016-11-30T21:35:28+00:00

Adding the Philips Hue Motion sensor to your hue bridge is very similiar to adding a hue dimmer switch. First open your Philips hue application and go to Settings/Accessory Setup. Then press the plug button on the bottom right, you will need to remove the plastic tab coming from the battery compartment of the sensor to put it in pairing mode. *If you already pulled this you will need to press in the setup pin hole button for 1 second to put the sensor in pairing mode again.

How to setup your Hue Motion Sensor

Now that your hue motion sensor is added, follow the video to configure your settings. You can have your sensor perform difference scenes depending on the time, for example if it is past 8pm you can have a more dim scene like Relax come on when motion is detected.

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