How to migrate your hue bridge

//How to migrate your hue bridge
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How to Migrate your Philips Hue 1.0 Bridge to your Hue Bridge 2.0

When you get the new Philips hue bridge, you won’t lose all of your scenes, lights, or any of your settings. With bridge migration you can transfer all of your settings from your old hue bridge to the new one.

  • please note that you can only transfer from an older Hue Bridge 1.0 to a Hue Bridge 2.0
  • Both Bridges must be connected to the internet at the same time to be able to transfer your settings.

Step 1: Have both your old bridge and new bridge powered on and connected to your router at the same time, all lights should be solid on your bridges. At first you may get a notification detecting your new bridge.

The application will ask you to press the center button on both bridges.

Once it has detected both of your hue bridges, you can start transferring all your hue settings.

Once the transfer is complete, press blink lights to confirm everything is still functioning. The last step is to factory reset your old bridge to ensure there are no conflicts with your hue bridges.

This process is fairly straight forward if you follow the instructions on your screen. However should you run into trouble, feel free to ask for help in the Hue Forum

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