With the release of Apples Home Kit and the new Philips hue bridge, you can now control your Philips hue lights with Siri. You must have the new hue bridge to be able to use this feature. The device that you set up Siri with the first time becomes the main admin device, meaning only this device can add, change, or modify what scenes Siri can control on this hue system.


Make sure you are at home on your wifi and connect to your new Philips hue bridge. Once connected, open you Philips hue app and go into Settings/Siri Voice Control. It will ask for access to you Home Data, you must allow this to use Siri.

Siri - Home Data

You will then see the scene below, press Pair Bridge and it will open the camera on your device to read the Home Kit code on the bottom of your hue bridge. Once it reads the code, it will be paired and it will bring you to the Siri hue control set up page.

Siri - Pair Bridge    Siri - Add Brirdge Siri - Paired Successfully Siri - Setup

Now you have to tap on each scene you want Siri to be able to control. When you tap on each scene it will show a blue check mark to confirm it has been uploaded to Siri. Once it has the blue check mark, you can now command that scene using Siri (ex: Siri, Set sunset. Siri, Turn off my lights).

Siri - Upload Scenes

Scene names can not have special characters (ex: !@%$) or Siri will tell you to rename it. Also for each scene you want to use with Siri, it has to have a unique name, for example you can not have two scenes named Sunset or you will get the message below.

Siri - Scene invalid characters  Siri - Scene Unique Name

If you have more devices in your home that want to be able to use Siri control as well, you can press the square icon on the top right hand corner in the Siri Voice control menu to add the other peoples AppleId(Email). They will receive a notification on their device to accept or decline the invitation.

Siri - Invite people to Home Kit

Here are some more Siri command examples below.

  • “Turn on the lights” or “Turn off the lights.”
  • “Dim the lights” or “Set the brightness to 50%.”
  • “Set the temperature to 68 degrees.”
  • “Turn on the coffee maker.”

If you set up homes, rooms, zones, or scenes, you can use commands like this:

  • “Turn on the upstairs lights.”
  • “Turn off Chloe’s light.”
  • “Turn down the kitchen lights.”
  • “Dim the lights in the dining room to 50%.”
  • “Make the living room lights the brightest.”
  • “Set the Tahoe house to 72 degrees.”
  • “Set the thermostat downstairs to 70.”
  • “Turn on the printer in the office.”
  • “Party time.”
  • “Dinner party.”
  • “Goodnight.”