You can create an alarm in your Philips hue app to have a specific scene come on at a certain time everyday and have this repeat everyday or only certain days. An alarm can only either turn a scene on or turn your lights off, it can not do both. Follow the same steps to create an off alarm, just select Lights off and select which lights you want to turn off at the time you specify.

Step 1: Edit an existing scene or create a new one you want to use for this alarm. You can follow our scene creation tutorial here if you need help.

Step 2:  Now that you have the scene you want to use for this alarm, go to Alarms and Timers in the Philips hue application, then press the plus sign on the top right hand corner and select Alarm.

IMG_0463 IMG_0464 IMG_0465
Step 3: Select Scene on and then select the scene you want to use.
Fade – When the alarm goes off at the time specified, you can have that scene fade on up to 60 minutes. So if you set it for 30 minutes, it will take 30 minutes for the lights to reach the maximum brightness of the scene.

Repeat – Repeat lets you select which days of the week you want this alarm to go off on again.

Random – Random will make the scene you selected activate either 30 minutes before or 30 minutes after the specified time.

After you have everything set the way you want it, make sure you hit the “Save” or check mark icon on the top right.


Error Messages:

You can not edit this alarm – This means the alarm was created with a different device, you cannot edit alarms that were created by another device. The only way around this is to clear all your alarms and timers in Settings/My Bridge/Clean Up/Clean Alarms and Timers.