Geofencing uses your devices GPS to turn on or off lights when you arrive or leave your home. You’re device must have a data plan to use this feature.

Your must have a Philips hue account and your bridge must be linked to it for this feature to work. Follow the guide Here.

Allow the hue app to access your location for Geofencing to work.

Hue Geofencing 1

Select the word “Arriving”  to select which scene you want to activate when you arrive home.

Hue Geofencing 2 Hue Geofencing 3 Hue Geofencing 4

To setup Leaving, select the words leaving and then select which lights you want to turn off when you leave home.

Hue Geofencing 5

After you have set up both your leaving and arriving, they should both be enabled and work.


Hue Geofencing 6

Please note that geofencing works out to your approximate location using cell towers and it does not check for your location very often. If you live in a desolate location, geofencing may not be very accurate and come on/off at various times while you are at home.