How to setup and use Philips Hue Away From Home

You can control your Philips hue system from anywhere with celluar data or wifi.

To begin setup, you will need to be on the same wifi connect that your hue bridge is connected to.

From the home page, select My Hue on the top right.

Select Lets Start in the center of the screen.

If you do not already have an account, select Create an account and complete the fields on the next screen. If you do have an account, enter your credentials and sign in.

Once signed in, select Bridge from the top center of the screen.

Select Add a bridge.

Press the button on the top of your Bridge to link it to your account before the timer runs out.

After you press the button, the page will let you know if your bridge has been successfully linked and you can continue.

If it does not find your bridge at first, make sure the device you are using is on the same wifi network as your hue bridge and unplug your hue bridge for 10 seconds and then plug it back. Wait for all the lights to become solid before trying to link the bridge again.

Controlling Your Lights

Now that your hue account is setup with your bridge linked to it, you can login to your Philips Hue application to start controlling your lights away from home.

Open your Philips Hue app and select Explore.

Login with your meethue account credentials.

Log in to My Hue will then change to Logged in.

Home & Away Setup