How to Use Hue with Siri Voice Control

//How to Use Hue with Siri Voice Control
How to Use Hue with Siri Voice Control 2017-01-22T20:23:34+00:00

With the Generation 2 Philips hue bridge(square shaped) you can control your lights with Siri voice control. You can turn on and off specific rooms or scenes. To get started, open the Philips hue application and press the gear icon on the top left to open settings.

Tap on Siri Voice Control.

Press the Pair Bridge button.

It will ask you to create a new home for siri voice control. You can name it whatever you want to call your home.

Next it will open your phones camera to capture your HomeKit ID. It can be found on the bottom of your hue bridge with a house icon next to it. Point the camera over this number and it will pair.

Now you will be paired to Homekit to your bridge, you can now setup Siri.

You can turn your lights on and off now by using siri. To turn your lights on, activate siri and say “turn lights on” or “Turn lights off”. You can also call control individual lights by saying the lights name. It works best to rename your lights to simple words like “bedroom light” or “Kitchen Light”.

Select Scenes on the menu. Here you can select which scenes you want to control with Siri. After you have checked the boxes of the scenes you want, you can then use it with siri. For example, “Siri turn on Savanna Sunset” or “Turn off Read”

You can also turn on and off individual names with Siri as well. For example “Siri turn on Bedroom”.

Add other Users to Control the Lights with Siri

There can only be one main admin device that controls siri, however you can invite other users devices to control the lights with Siri as well. To invite other users to also control the lights with Siri, you have to invite them by their AppleID email address under Advanced in the under Siri Voice Control.

Under the Advanced page, select Homes.

Now choose the Primary Home that you want to invite another use to control.

Select the Share Home button.

Select Invite People and enter the Apple ID Email address of the user you want to invite.

The other user will receive a notification on their device of the invitation and can accept it to start using Siri with Hue.

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