With Routines you can have a room either come on or go off at a specific time and have that routine repeat on certain days of the week. Timers will let you set a time and it will count down to activate up to 4 rooms with a scene.

Wake up is a similar function to routines except the difference is you have to select a fade time and when you select a room you choose which lights you want to fade on. This feature does not give you the option to select a scene or light color, it will simulate a sunrise to help you wake up naturally.

To create a Wake up Routine, select Routines then Wake Up.

Select the plus sign in the bottom right.

Select the time and days you want the routine to repeat on. Select which room you want this room to affect. Optional: Toggle the Turn light(s) off at and select a time you would like for the lights to turn back off. Once you have finished, press Save on the top right.

You will now have a routine Wake up routine scheduled to your preference. You can re-select this routine to make changes if needed.

Go to Sleep

Go to sleep routines will allow you to set a time to turn your lights off.

Select the plus sign in the bottom right to create a new Go to Sleep Routine.

Select the Time, Days, and which rooms you would like to turn off. Once finished, select Save on the top right.