Hue with your Apple Watch

This guide will show you how to setup Hue to work with your Apple Watch.

IOS devices can only hold a certain amount of scenes in the Hue Widget. You can see how many your device can have by looking at the top right hand corner.

  • iPhone 4s/5 =  8
  • iPhone 6      = 10
  • iPad             = 16
  • iPod             = 8
  • Apple Watch will only display as many  scenes as the device allows

Step 1

First open your Philips Hue application on your IOS device. Go to Settings from the main side menu and then Select Widgets & Apple Watch.

Tap on each scene you want to show up on your Apple Watch. The order that you select the scenes here determines how it shows on your watch.

Step 2

Once you have the scenes that you want to use on your Apple Watch selected, lets enable the Hue Widget on your IOS device.

From your IOS Home page, swipe down from the top of your device to open the notifications menu

Once in the notifications menu, make sure you are selected on “Today” at the top and then swipe to the bottom

Once you are at the bottom, select Edit.

Select the green plus sign next to the Hue icon to add it to your widgets

Step 3

The Apple Watch will now display the scenes in the order that you select when editing the Hue Widget. You can always go back and re-arrange this order.

You can swipe to view your scenes and activate them by select the scene icon. There will be a pulsating glow behind the icon when a scene is active.

To Turn off a scene, press on the scenes icon slightly harder to see the “Turn Off” button.

Now you are setup to use Hue with your Apple Watch!